Vacuum Sealing Ammunition – 2 Ways To Store Your Ammo

Ammunition needs to be stored in a dry place for them to last long. And the best way to store them is by vacuum sealing them for future use.

So, you might wanna learn the process of vacuum sealing ammunition?

If you want to store your ammunition you first need to seal it. You can use a ziplock bag to store it and then press it under the vacuum sealer. This will suck out the air and make it airtight. After that, you can place it in ammo. And then store it for later.

Now, this was just the gist of the technique. We have the detailed version right down below. So, dive into our segment to know the full process.  

Can You Vacuum Seal Ammunition?

To kick start this segment let’s start with the basics,  can you vacuum seal bullets

Well definitely. You can vacuum store it to increase its longevity.  

We have a list of some ammo that you can store.

Ammunition TypeCan It Be Stored?Shelf Life
RimfireYesRecommended up to 10 years
CenterfireYesRecommended up to 10 years
Shotshell YesRecommended up to 10 years
HandgunYesRecommended up to 10 years

Now that we know which ammo can be stored. You can pick any of these or any long-range and store it if you want! Besides buying it from the store you can make homemade shotshells and store it!

Well if you’re storing ammo, you’ll be able to use it in the future. So, does vacuum sealing ammo work after a while?

Your ammo if sealed properly will function okay. That is keeping in mind that the place you stored it in is airtight. If it is not then there’s a possibility it might get defective. This is because moisture can get in and damage the ammo. 

Why Would You Vacuum Seal Ammunition?

Well, we store ammunition for a couple of different purposes. 

Suppose you went to buy ammunition for your hunting trip next week. And the store you got it from had a great deal going on. So you thought of stocking up on some of these. And for these to not go bad, we basically vacuum seal it.

Moreover, if stored in the open, the gunpowder and primer might deteriorate. This ultimately hampers the performance of your bullet, in times of need due to moisture and damp or rainy weather.

How To Properly Vacuum Seal Ammo?

Now if you’re going to store ammunition, you’re doing it to use it later. So let’s see how we can properly store ammo from going bad. 

You can use two methods to store your ammunition. The first is to store it for the short term. And the other one is for how you can store it for longer-term.  Here are a few comparisons between the two methods-

Short TermLong Term
To be used within the yearCan be stored for more than 10 years (at times might last for 50!)
Sealed with vacuum sealing Sealed with vacuum sealing
Can be stored in a cool dry place with a humidity absorberNeeds to be stored in ammo cans or bailout boxes in a gun safe
Doesn’t need oxygen absorbersNeed to pack it with oxygen absorbers

Now that was just the preview, we have the detailed version below. So follow along!

Short Term

You can store your ammunition for the near future use this way. Suppose you’re going to use-say 20-Ammos this year. Therefore, store those 20 bullets in this method. And to store the rest, follow the long-term method. 

Step 1: Gather Your Essentials

To store your ammunition for the short term, you’ll need a few things first. Here’s a list for those-

Now onto the process. 

Step 2: Divide And Label Your Ammunition

Now separate the ammunition you want to store into different categories. This can be according to the size, type, etc. Basically, the method you find the most comfortable, you’re going to sort using that. 

Then take your labeler and name them. 

Also, add the number of ammo there is in your packet. You can divide them into 5, 10, or 20 bullets per bag. This will help you organize them better as well. And now you’ll take the number and also put it on your labeler. 

Step 3: Seal The Bag

Now you will load your ammo in the bag and use your sealer to close it. Check for cuts or holes in the bag before you store it. You can blow air into the bag to check for any rips. If there is already a zipper in the bag, you still need to seal from under the zipper to seal it properly.

If the bag is alright, you can seal it. Just take your ammunition sealing machine and press on it. And the machine will seal shut your bag!

Here are some vacuum sealers you can choose from-

Image Product Price
Vacuum Sealer Machine By Mueller Vacuum Sealer Machine By Mueller Check Price
Vacuum Sealer Machine by Entriges Vacuum Sealer Machine by Entrige Check Price

You can use this machine to airtight seal your ammo!

Step 4: Storing These Sealed Bags

So to store this ammunition for the short term, you can store it in an ammo can. Or you can keep these packets out in your gun safe box. But make sure you have a moisture absorber there. Otherwise, they might go bad. 

This is basically how to properly vacuum seal ammo for short-term storage. 

Here are some of the best moisture absorbers out there:

Image Product Price
DampRid Pure Linen Refillable Moisture Absorber DampRid Pure Linen Refillable Moisture Absorber Check Price
Bamboo Charcoal Moisture Absorber Bamboo Charcoal Moisture Absorber Check Price

These will help keep the area moisture free and your ammo will be safe!

Moving on to how to store it long-term. 

Long Term

Now you might be wondering how to store vacuum-sealed Ammos for long-term storage. You basically need to follow similar steps for sealing it.  However, before you seal it you need to put in oxygen absorbers. This will help to further make it airtight. 

  • Use ammo cans or bailout boxes to store it for long term usage. Simply put your ammunition and 3-5 silica gel packets in it. This will also help in absorbing moisture!
  • After that, you need to put these boxes in your gun safe. This is because the temperature needs to be lower than 70℉.
  • Then store at a place that is cool, dark,  and dry. 

 Once you seal the box, don’t open it unless you need to use it. 

And there you have it! You can keep it intact for 50 or 60 years without worrying about it. And when you open the box up, it’ll still fire great! But it’s best to use it within the first 10 years. In this way, the chances of misfire will be few!

So, now that we know how to store it, how much ammo should you stock up on?

Well, you should store ammo for both hunting and defense. In this way, you’ll have a little of each.

Here’s an estimate of how much ammo you can stock up on!

Type of Gun Number of Ammos
Shotgun ( For defense)150-250

Now you can store these above-mentioned amounts of ammo. Or go for more or less depending on your needs. The amount of this ammunition will also vary according to your gun. 

For example, a rifle will need more ammo comparatively than a hand or shotgun. This is because rifles fire using 10 or 30 rounds of mags. So you might run out of it in about an hour if you’re constantly firing it!

How Long Does Vacuum Sealed Ammunition Last?

By now we know how to store ammunition. And the kind of ammunition that can actually be stored. So, let’s now check out how long can ammunition be stored

Most vacuum sealed ammo shelf life will be 10 years or more. Some even extend up to 50 or 60 years. But for it to last for this long, ammo needs to be stored properly. The temperature needs to be constant and the area needs to be dry. Otherwise, it might go bad. 

Moreover,  you can also store it in vacuum sealing ammo cans and vacuum seal ammo boxes. This will help to keep your ammo intact and store it long-term.

You can get these cans or boxes from the recommended ones down below!

Image Product Price
Sheffield Ammo Storage Box Sheffield Ammo Storage Box Check Price
Plano Ammo Box Plano Ammo Box Check Price

These will keep your ammunition airtight and sealed until you decide to open it!

Factors That Affect Vacuum Sealed Ammo

You can store your ammo for 5 years or 10 years. The longevity will actually depend on a few vital elements.  The temperature and the humidity play an important role. 


Having a low to none humid environment is crucial for ammo storage. Because the moisture in the air damages this ammo in the long run. Therefore, it’s important that you store it in a gun safe. And where the relative humidity is 50%. But if you don’t have a gun safe, you can use a dehumidifier in the place of storage.

But if you want to store it in a drawer, you can do that as well. However, you need to have a moisture absorber on hand. Place it wherever you’re storing your ammo. This method however can only be implemented for the short term as mentioned above.


No matter where you store it, the temperature needs to be below 70℉. This temperature with 50% relative humidity will keep your sealed ammo in perfect condition. 

Now you have your ammo perfectly stored and kept away. But you’re going camping the next day so you need to take out some. So, how to use ammo from vacuum sealing?

Well, you can basically take one pack out from your storage and use it. But if you have some remaining from the pack, you can seal it again. But make sure to label that it was used. So that you can start with this one on your next trip!

However, if you find the sealing technique a bit stretched out, we have a solution.  There are alternatives of vacuum sealing. You can store it in the original container that came with it. Those are pretty durable and keep your ammo in good condition.

If you don’t have the original container, you can opt for others as well made for storing ammo. Here’s a list of such containers that we recommend.

Sheffield 12629 Field BoxMTM Ammo CrateSheffield 12626 Field Box,
-Comes with 3 locking mechanisms
-Water and dust resistant
-Stores almost all types of bulk ammo
-ATV attachable
– Suitable to take in the shooting range, camping, hunting
– Moisture resistant
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Moreover, for smaller amounts, you can store it in an airtight container as well. Just make sure to put oxygen and moisture absorber around it.

How To Store Vacuum Sealed Ammo?

As previously mentioned you basically pack them in small bags. And then if you have a gun safe you can store it there. But make sure to put all the packs in ammo can first. But if you store these in a cupboard, then use a moisture absorber. That’s how you store your sealed ammunition. 

How To Tell If Vacuum Sealed Ammo Has Gone Bad?

There’s sadly no specific way you can determine that. This is because even if your ammo is stored perfectly, it might misfire.

However, at times, your ammo might look a little corroded or rusty. In that case, you can know for sure they won’t work. Because this might indicate that the primer on your bullet has worn out. And thus will misfire.

And you always have to take safety measures to avoid misfires. And don’t fire again until the cartridge is changed!

How To Recycle Vacuum Sealed Ammunition?

Before we get to recycling, we first need to know which ammo we can recycle. If you have vacuum sealed ammunition that is unused it is possible to recycle it. However, the recycling option is not widely available.  

In the recycling process, the metal will be normally turned into scrap for later use. Gunpowder can be used as fertilizer. 

And when it comes to used ammunition, you’re only left with the brass casing. And these casings are recyclable. In fact, these are reused to make new ammunition. 

Now let’s see what to do with the ones you can’t recycle.

How To Dispose Of Vacuum Sealed Ammunition?

If you have some unusable or rusty ammunition you need to get off, here’s how. There are three ways you can do that. 

Let’s check these out!

Police Station

Your first option is to go to the police and check if they’ll take ammunition. If they do then you can give it to them. However, in most cases, they might accept only a small quantity of ammo. Therefore if this doesn’t work for you, you can move onto our next suggestion. 

Moreover, you can ask the officers for better solutions as well!

Hazardous Waste Collection Drop Offs

Now, if the police station couldn’t accept a large amount of ammunition, this place might help. So, your city or country will have hazardous waste drop-offs where you can go and get rid of these. 

However, at times they might be unwilling to accept your ammo. In that case, you might need to use the next suggestion.

Local Gun Range

Now, this may be the place where they will accept your ammunition. Although they might not accept a huge number of corroded ammo from you. They’ll take in a small amount of the ones and help to dispose of the rest. 

Moreover, many ranges also collect dud rounds. These are the cartridges that might misfire. They will take these and dispose of them for you properly!

Things To Keep In Mind While Disposing Sealed Ammunition

Now disposing of ammo might be a little tough depending on how much you have.  But you should never dispose of your ammunition in the following ways.

Tip 1

Firstly, never bury ammunition. This is because the material they are made of is not environmentally friendly. Thus when they come in contact with the water supply might contaminate it.

Tip 2 

Second, never dispose of ammunition in the trash. It might be harmful when it runs through the compactor. This is because the cartridge might fire, sending the bullet in a potentially dangerous direction!

Tip 3 

Lastly, never soak your ammo in water and oil and throw it away. This is because this method doesn’t always run the gunpowder in your ammo. Therefore, this might cause the cartridge to fire bullets which can be dangerous. 

That is you can store, recycle, and dispose of your ammunition! Moreover, when on the go always secure assault packs to rucksack correctly. In this way, your ammo will be in perfect condition and ready to use!

Is It Safe To Vacuum Seal Ammo?

Yes definitely. This is the most reliable method of storage. That is too when compared to ammo cans. 

However, even the best of the best methods have some flaws. So, let’s compare their pros and cons. 


This method effectively removes every bit of oxygen from the bag. And also some added oxygen absorbers, just to be more certain. In this way, moisture can’t get in and your ammunition can last longer.

Here’s another reason, if you’re wondering, is vacuum sealing ammo a good idea or not?  

Besides keeping the ammo airtight, vacuum sealing also prevents it from rusting. And you can also get a clear vision because of the transparent plastic.  Moreover, this is the cheapest way you can store your ammunition. 

Furthermore, you can categorize these sealed bags into sizes and numbers. In this way, you’ll for sure know how much of what ammo you have in stock. Or how much ammunition you have left in your pack when hunting.


However, there might be a problem with vacuum seal ammunition. Your sealing at times might not be tight enough. And thus oxygen might get in and decrease the shelf life. 

Also, the gas level and temperature sometimes can decrease its longevity. Therefore, if the ammunition is not stored below 70℉ the heat might ruin the gunpowder. 

Furthermore, once you open the pack the preservation is lost. This is due to the ammo being in contact with the atmosphere. 

Moreover, if you use very thin plastic or the cheaper ones, it might leak. Besides, if you’re stocking up on a lot of ammo, you’ll be using a lot of plastic. And this is very harmful to the environment. 

Therefore it’s best to use a more sustainable method. We have an option for using sustainable polymer plastic. These can do the task without harming the environment. 


Question: Can you vacuum seal guns?

Yes, you can definitely vacuum seal a gun. You can use vacuum bags or packaging bags to store them. Then you can seal it shut. This will keep the oxygen out and your gun won’t deteriorate!

Question: Will vacuum sealing prevent rust?

Yes definitely, vacuum sealing will prevent rust. This is because the oxygen will be removed from the bag and hence the moisture. And with the moisture out, your component will no longer be in contact with the environment. So, it won’t become rusty!

Question: Can guns and ammo be stored together?

It is better to store your gun and ammunition separately. This is because if stored together there is a chance of misusing it. Hence it can be dangerous to store it in the same location.

Question: Can I take it on an airplane?

You can’t carry more than 11 pounds of ammunition on air. The ammunition needs to be packed separately and securely. Plus the ammunition needs to be in the manufacturer’s original package. 


That was all from our end. So,  what did you think of the technique of vacuum sealing ammunition? Pretty great isn’t it! 

Now for an added tip. If you use the ammo within the next week or so,  place it in a ziplock bag. Then take a moisture absorber and store it in a cool, dry place. 

This is it. Have a great day ahead!