Is Arc’teryx Worth it? [A Discussion of This Luxury Brand]

When it comes to outdoor clothing, Arc’teryx is the brand name that pops up the most. However, with this much popularity, comes the high prices of this clothing line.

So, we don’t blame you for willing to double check.

So, is Arc’teryx worth it?

Arc’teryx is a bit costly compared to other brands offering almost similar experience. But that brand value itself cannot be overlooked while going through Arc’teryx products. They have always been upfront about their high quality, service performance, build material, durability, and longevity. Their exotic materials and high standards aren’t easy and cheap to gather.

Well, this was just an overview. There are a tons of things that Arc’teryx has got to offer. If you really wanna know if it’s worth your money, stay tuned!

Why is Arc’teryx So Popular?

Arc’teryx has grown in popularity for its top-quality products and superior fabrics. Established in 1991, they went into the outdoor clothing market business. 

Moreover, the brand partnered with Gore-Tex. This is when they started to rise and got the licensing rights of its unique fabric technology. From then, they became a public favorite for their great product quality and visionary designs. 

What Do you Get from Arc’teryx?

As a unique and expensive brand, you might expect Arc’teryx to have done better. That is compared to regular outdoor clothes. And Arc’teryx has surely done that. The quality and build material are in a class of their own.

Now to know about these features let’s head over to the detailed section. 

High-Quality Materials

When we talk about Arc’teryx, Gore-Tex will always come into the conversation. This is because the fabric material has made Arc’teryx a powerhouse in the luxurious outdoor clothing market. It’s their collaboration and the proven longevity of their product that made them this prestigious.

Just like for better handling finest Griptilian Scales are used, Gore-Tex is used for durability, high-performance, and has weather protection. It also uses Polartec fleece, a durable fabric that is very popular in outdoor clothing. Moreover, they also use Thermatek and Coreloft fabrics which provide the best insulation from cold elements.

High Durability

Arc’teryx’s high quality, durability, and lightweight have made them the top choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Moreover, they have more clothes for occasions besides the outdoors as well. They’ve excelled in making insulating and breathable outfits for extremely harsh environments such as the arctic winters. 

So, which Arc’teryx jacket is the warmest?

The Fission SV Jacket is one of the flagship products of Arc’teryx’s lineup. The popular jacket is made from Gore-Tex fabric and has synthetic insulation. Thus providing the wearer excellent protection from extreme cold environments. The waterproof, breathable design makes it the popular choice for all outdoor enthusiasts.

High Performance

The performance of Arc’teryx products is iconic. They bring durability and high performance with their products. It elevates the experience for the wearer both in terms of comfort and functionality. Arc’teryx clothes and various other outdoor gears have been made to work effectively in the harshest conditions on our planet. 

Their products have always given comfort, ease, coziness, and much-needed functionality to the adventurer.  Arc’teryx gives its product performance priority second to its high-quality standards. Basically, this is what made them into the robust brand of the present. 

Versatile Usage

Arc’teryx products can be used in various other adventures. They are created with versatility being a feature. Any Arc’teryx jacket or pants can be used for different situations or adventures. This gives the consumer a much more diverse choice to do with the product they purchase.

Let’s have a little look over some of their product and the options of using them in different situations.

CategoryProductRock ClimbingIce ClimbingAlpine ClimbingHikingTrekking
JacketNuclei SV Men’s Parka Belay 
JacketAtom LT Men’s Hoody
JacketFission SV Men’s

As we can see, the various products can be used for different activities. This is why Arc’teryx has become popular in the adventure society and it can charge higher prices due to quality control, performance, longevity, and comfort.

Unique Design

Being an outdoor clothing brand, Arc’teryx is like a creative art gallery than a traditional outdoor brand. They design minimalistic simple fashion that has always resonated within the mass people. Especially the younger generations for the past 30 years.

Having growing popularity while being an expensive brand is no small feat. The brand never pivoted towards the streetwear world. Rather they still continue to focus on the quality, reliability, and functionality of their products. But with a great simplistic design.

Comfortability & Size 

Arc’teryx has always maintained the quality of its product to the highest standard. That also includes in wearer comfortability and perfect sized fit. Basically, it’s like how you choose between sleeping bag and wool blanket according to comfort. They consider these factors as a top priority. 

Also, they use different materials of the highest quality and comfort in making one product. They also maintain a plethora of size options for their products. Ensuring inclusivity for all shapes and sizes. 

In short, the inclusivity of the brand’s products has always been their attractive point.

Environment Friendly

Besides spending time in the wilderness, adventurers also appreciate the surroundings, nature, and wildlife they encounter. For this reason, many consumers try their best to be mindful and opt for brands like Marmot and Arc’teryx that have sustainable production means.

Arc’teryx themselves is one of those brands that strive to be sustainable. Even the materials used also go through verification of sustainability. So, does Arc’teryx use ethical down?

Yes, Arc’teryx uses ethical down! They use raw materials and processes that are certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). This is an independent global standard ensuring animal welfare. 

Warranty & Shelf-life

As we’re saying, Arc’teryx products are made to last for a long time. The brand also keeps its long-lasting reputation with quality products and great customer service. 

Moreover, they also repair any accidental damages to the product at a reasonable price. They are a customer-oriented company that takes pride in its work. As well as, they passionately serve their customer base as much as possible.


Arc’teryx provides one of the easiest and friendly customer services there is. If their sold product isn’t up to their standard, they’ll replace it with a brand new one.

Why are Arc’teryx Products So Expensive?

Whenever we see a high price, the question naturally arises if the product is worth the money or not; whether it be Crispi boots or Arc’teryx. With that said, Arc’teryx has been the top expensive brand in outdoor clothing. Their superior quality, materials, build standards have made them the top dog in their fashion sector. 

Even the minimalistic design of Arc’teryx products has been influencing the youth for more than 30 years. Now even with all this exclusivity, there are doubts that if the brand is pricing more than it should or not.

So, is Arc’teryx overpriced?

No, they aren’t technically overpriced. Arc’teryx’s quality control and innovative approach always let them create unique comfortable products. With durability and perfection is paramount. Due to the strict quality control and sourcing of the best materials, the labor going into each product makes the price be that much high. 

To understand why they’re not overpriced, we need to go through the reasons for their product price being so expensive. Let’s look into it.

Reason 1: Research & Development

The R&D process of Arc’teryx has always taken their standard of quality higher. The technological achievements may be small in scope. However, they’ve made their impact well enough so that they can manufacture quality products continuously. 

Arc’teryx always tries to innovate the outdoor clothing materials for better performance and comfortability. They’ve created waterproof zippers, types of fabric to create more lightweight and strong clothing, As well as, focus on the better insulating material. 

The research and development work Arc’teryx has stridden upon. And the commitment towards innovation is what made them the luxurious juggernaut that they presently are in the industry.

Reason 2: Making / Creation Process 

Arc’teryx prides itself to have a “made by human” philosophy. That is, the material technology is based upon automotive work. But the real product is handmade by technical experts in the field.

As well as their out-of-the-box design always speaks about looking towards the future viewpoint. This marketing view has always made Arc’teryx one of the few companies that always adapted to public demand. It impacted their creative process.

Their quality control and detailed perfected standards of the product have given them the prestige of being a luxury brand. This is why their products are so expensive to buy. Nonetheless, it’s worth the price that’s being paid. 

Reason 3: Quality Control

Arc’teryx’s system of quality control is impeccable. The step-by-step strict quality control upholds the standard that they’ve been maintaining since their inception. From procuring the materials till the end product, Arc’teryx looks into every stitch and every piece of fabric. To make sure the finest and best product is being delivered to the customers.

Reason 4: After Sales Service

Free replacements and reasonably-priced repairs are the go-to methods if something goes wrong. It’s easy to see why the brand is so beloved in this regard since you aren’t left helpless if something happens, and that’s a great selling point.

Having a product that’s long-lasting is great as this not only cuts down on your expenses. But it also cuts on the brand’s expenses and the overall environmental impact of having to re-manufacture a product.

So, is Arc’teryx Product Worth Buying?

As we read through Arc’teryx’s story, the one question that stands is, is Arc’teryx worth the money? The value of the Arc’teryx products is a lot. You’ll need upwards of $700 dollars to buy an Arc’teryx jacket. Yet, the quality, durability, and functionality these products deliver are one of a kind.

Arc’teryx was made for the exclusive outdoor clothing market. It’s still there and they’re the shining standard of outdoor clothes. The performance and longevity are compared to none.

This is why if you’ve got the budget to buy one you might as well spend it here. 

Here’re our top Arc’teryx picks that you can choose from.

Alternative Brands you’d Like to Try

Even though Arc’teryx is great, the sheer price tag may not be in the best range for lots of consumers. Well, there are a lot of alternative brands that are good and reasonably priced compared to Arc’teryx. Let’s get to know some of them.

The North Face

The North Face is one of the most recognizable outdoor brands. They make lots of outdoor products from jackets to bags and even outdoor gear. Plus they are one of the most reasonably priced brands with top-quality products. And they are long-lasting as well.

Here’s our recommendation for The North Face outdoor clothings.

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is a Norwegian manufacturer of outdoor clothing and sporting equipment. They have been in the business for more than 140 years. Longevity as a brand and of their clothes show the quality they maintain till today.

Here’s our recommendation for Helly Hansen outwears.


Patagonia is a US-based outdoor clothing company. They make high-quality, long-lasting outdoor clothes. They’re also one of the prestigious companies that have a long history in the outdoor clothing sector. Having top-quality products, they’re a great alternative too.

Here’s our recommendation for high quality Patagonia outwears.

These are some famous brands that are alternatives to Arc’teryx. They also manufacture top-quality outdoor products. You can have a go-to for these brands and their collection.

That’s all about if Arc’teryx is worth its name and price. So pack up your camping gear, have a checklist for camping and head out on your trip!


What is ARC’teryx famous for?

Arc’teryx is a design company based in Vancouver selling outdoor clothes and climbing gear. They’re one of the best brands in the world with high-quality, durable clothing for outdoor enthusiasts.

Why is Arc’teryx gear so expensive?

The brand has strict quality control and high-quality material for manufacturing world-class products. Hence maintaining this the whole process of manufacturing, Arc’teryx products become expensive to buy.

Is Arc’teryx a good brand?

Arc’teryx is one of the best brands in outdoor clothing in the world. Raved by outdoor enthusiasts and athletes, Arc’teryx has always maintained its reputable high quality and durability.


That’s all about is Arc’tyrex worth it or not. If you’re still hesitant about if it’s worth it, a pro tip would be to ask someone who travels and they can help you out with the decision. We hope our article has given you insight and a clear view of the question you’re facing.

Have a great day!