Best Griptilian Scales: To Boost Your Handling Skills

It’s frustrating! `

Especially when the factory griptilian scales have worn out after heavy usage, it becomes frustrating to use them. Worn-out scales affect the performance too. But, it’s not about the performance all the time. 

In this part of the survival world, scales need to have a “better feel” to them. If you’re not feeling too good about holding your griptilian knife, there’s a higher chance that you’ll end up changing it. 

Instead of changing the entire knife, go ahead and change the stock scales. And, if you’re wondering about the best griptilian scales, you’re lucky today buddy. 

5 weeks is all that it took us and the research team to compile everything together. After that intense bit of research, we’ve prepared the best 8 for you! 

Confused where to begin? Let’s start with the table, firstly- 

Comparison Table  

ProductColorMaterialBest Criteria
Flytanium FLY253-BRK Griptilian ScalesSilverTitaniumStrongest
Flytanium BHQ-93937 Mini Griptilian Scales  BlackCarbon FiberBest Grip
Flytanium  FLY358 Griptilian ScalesBlackCompositeBest Corrosion-Resistant
Olive G10 Custom ScalesOliveFiberglassMost Flexible
Flat Benchmade Full Size Griptilian ScalesBlackPlasticLightest
Flytanium Copper FLY539 Griptilian Scales PinkCopperMost Visible

Best Titanium Griptilian Scales

What’s Common Among These Titanium Griptilian Scales? 

We haven’t put titanium ahead of other materials for no reason. Obviously, there are reasons and this isn’t mere speculation. Under this category of titanium material, there are two products. We’ll get to them later. 

Being titanium products, they have their similarities. And, the bit of similarity is the toughness factor. Titanium is a durable material. And, it’s strong. So, the scales won’t break down under heavier stress. 

In fact, the griptilian with titanium scales lasts for a long time due to this durability. Another common factor is weight. Titanium scales are heavy. So, portability won’t be an easy thing!

This added weight will definitely contribute to the weight of the entire griptilian knife. But, some people do prefer this added weight. This is because it feels great in the hand. 

Most importantly, it doesn’t feel cheap, in any sense. Besides, titanium scales aren’t thin griptilian scales either. So, they could take heavier loads with ease.  

The other similarity between the two titanium scales is the color. They don’t come in brighter colors. Here, you’ll get both of them in dull colors. So, that’s a bummer as they won’t be quite visible in the dark. 

Flytanium FLY253-BRK Griptilian Scales: More About it

We’ve spoken a lot about titanium products and how they are so great! So, presenting the first product of our list- Flytanium FLY253-BRK. Yes, these are titanium scales.

Image Product Price
FLY253-BRK Griptilian Scales Titanium FLY253-BRK Griptilian Scales Titanium Check Price

The company makes durable scales all the time and you’ll find quite a few Flytanium products on our list. That’s not all, they even make titanium mini griptilian scales. 

For now, let’s focus on this product. The unique feature of this product is the weight! It’s 1 pound and that’s the heaviest on this list. But, some people might prefer the weight! Because it does feel quite premium and good to the hand. 

That said, some people will definitely develop some fatigue after continuous use for a long time. So, a heads up, in this situation. 

Moving on to the technical specs of this product. Here, the griptilian scales dimensions are- 7.5 x 2 x 0.5 inches. So, it’s not a smaller scale, by any means. 

But, the scales do feel good in the hand. And, that’s preferred by many survivalists. Here, the gritty texture allows a better overall control all the time. It even comes with a stonewash finish. This will feel pretty good when you hold it. 

Coming to the hardware of these scales, it has 3 barrel spacers made of titanium and 2 body screws. It even has 10 spacer screws and also a pocket clip. And, the best thing is that everything comes in the box. You won’t have to buy anything separately. 

Lastly, all we have to say is that the FLY253-BRK are great scales. And, they’ll definitely last for a while. 

But, they’re heavy and expensive. That said, we believe it’s worth the money. Because the price-quality ratio is quite high in this product. Overall, it gets a huge thumbs up from us! 

What Needs Improvement?

  • It’s more expensive than the other materials. So, you might want to cross-check if the other features matter or not. 
  • It’s heavier than most materials. Hence, it’ll add more weight to the overall griptilian knife. 

Flytanium FLY358 Mini Griptilian Scales: More About it

Image Product Price
LY358 Mini Griptilian Scales FLY358 Mini Griptilian Scales Check Price

Presenting another titanium mini griptilian scale- Flytanium FLY358. Being a mini-scale, this does have some differences from the previous product. For now, let’s look at what this has to offer. 

Even though it has a lower size, the durability hasn’t been compromised here at all. In fact, that’s the main selling point of this product. It doesn’t arrive at a heavier weight. 

To be exact, it’ll add in 0.5 ounces to the entire griptilian model. Here, the product itself weighs under a pound. So, it’s not heavy! And, the smaller size makes it an excellent contender for an easily portable product.

Similar to the previous product, you’ll get a stonewash finish in this one as well. And, speaking of similarities, this product comes in a darker color like the previous one too. 

This isn’t a great thing, however. Normally, colors do matter when you’re choosing scales. The darker the color, the harder it’ll be to locate them in the wild. So, you might want to settle for bright red mini griptilian scales. 

Having a titanium construction and exterior machining, the scales feel pretty good to hold. Besides, there are 4 body screws, 6 spacer screws, and 3 barrels included in the box. So, that’s a great thing! 

So, yeah, the FLY358 does offer quite the durability! Hence, we’ve selected it to represent titanium material. Since titanium is expensive, it’ll cost a bit. 

However, the good news is that it costs less than the previous product. But, then again, mini scales shouldn’t cost much, right? Whatever the case is, it depends on you! 

What Needs Improvement?

  • The darker color will cause a problem with the visibility. 
  • It does cost a bit when compared to other scales for mini griptilian. 

Best Carbon Fiber Griptilian Scales

What’s Common Among These Carbon Fiber Griptilian Scales? 

The carbon fiber material is considered to be aesthetic all the time. Mainly, people go for this material for the good looks and design. But, that’s not all this material has to offer. 

In fact, carbon fiber is known to provide tremendous strength and durability. And, the best thing about carbon fiber is that it’ll bring strength without adding in the weight! 

So, the similarity of both the carbon fiber griptilian scales is the lower weight. Also, both of them do bring a lot of strength along with them. Other than that, both of them have a good surface texture. So, you won’t get a smooth surface with both scales. 

And, yes, being carbon-fiber scales, both of the products aren’t cheap, in any way possible. 

Flytanium BHQ-93937 Mini Griptilian Scales: More About it

Image Product Price
LY358 Mini Griptilian Scales ‎Flytanium BHQ-93937 Mini Griptilian Scales Check Price

Another Flytanium Product! This one is the ‎Flytanium BHQ-93937 mini griptilian replacement scales. Being a carbon-fiber scale, this one does feel good to the hand, at all times. 

There’s just something about the design and the edges of the scales. Here, the edges are contoured and aren’t too sharp! So, it won’t feel awkward when you hold them around. Plus, the weight factor does contribute to holding the scales easily. 

The all-black design does look elegant. But, there’s a problem here. You won’t get that much visibility out of this product. Especially in darker environments, this will be quite the problem. 

Added to that, if you drop the knife in the wild, it’ll be quite hard to find it again. But, this wouldn’t have been a problem if you had mini griptilian orange scales. We’d say, the brighter the color, the better. 

That said, we never had any doubts about the strength of these scales. They were durable all the time. Being made of carbon fiber, the scales were stress-resistant and corrosion-resistant. 

So, it didn’t require much maintenance at all. Overall, this product makes your life easier at least when you’re looking for a griptilian scale. And, the price is the same as the previous titanium one, if you were wondering. 

What Needs Improvement?

  • The dark color will be a problem in the darker environment
  • Doesn’t allow using of secondary color application

Flytanium BHQ-93938 Carbon Fiber Scales: More About it

Image Product Price
Flytanium BHQ-93938 Carbon Fiber Scales ‎Flytanium BHQ-93938 Carbon Fiber Scales Check Price

Bringing in another model of the same brand- Flytanium. This particular product is the BHQ-93938. These are the mini griptilian slim scales. To be exact, the scales come from a 0.17-inch thickness. So, yeah, it isn’t thick, by any means.

But, the scales are designed for the mini griptilian. So, the thickness and smaller size can be justified. As we’re on the topic of technical specifications, these scales come with a length of 3.87-inches. 

Moving on, it’s time to talk about the material of this scale. As it’s made of carbon fiber, it’ll remain strong and lightweight at the same time. In fact, this particular scale has a great reputation for being lightweight. 

But, you would’ve guessed it since it’s so thin. That said, it’s strong too. So, you’ll have a portable yet strong product by your side. This is quite the advantage. 

Unlike the previous product, this one does have a gritty surface. Now, this is great as it feels great to hold this product. 

But, the same problem as the previous product lies here as well. And, that’s the color. Don’t get me wrong. It looks fabulous. But, the visibility will be quite the problem when you’re moving in the dark.

So, if visibility is an issue, you might as well look for yellow griptilian scales. Apart from that, these scales aren’t that expensive. And, they lie somewhere between the expensive and mid-range. 

Besides, the lower weight factor does make it portable and easy to manage. So, we’ll recommend this product! 

What Needs Improvement?

  • It’s thinner. So, it might not work well under heavier stress
  • The darker color will decrease the visibility.

Best Composite Griptilian Scales: OD Green linen Micarta Scales

Image Product Price
OD Green linen Micarta Scales ‎OD Green linen Micarta Scales Check Price

What Makes Composite Griptilian Scales Stand Out?

Composite griptilian scales often meet the sweet spot of aesthetic desires and form factors. It might be a fabric coat on top of metal scales or any other duo of materials. So, it’s worth the bucks you’d pay for it. 

Here are the unique selling points of composite scales for griptilian knives- 

  • A middle ground of metal and plastic griptilian scales. 
  • Doesn’t wear off or catch rust up. 
  • Pretty lightweight and easy to carry around. 
  • Composite scales, being non-metal, don’t shine or reflect. 

About OD Green linen Micarta Scales

The composite griptilian scale that we’ve got our hand on, is manufactured in Russia, namely the OD Green linen micarta custom scales. It’s made of Linen Micarta and comes in the color of OD-green, which is pretty in line with the rest of your hunting gear. 

A quick note about the scale material- 

Micarta linen is pretty non-metallic and smooth in texture. But interestingly, while micarta linen is water-resistant, it feels more grippy while wet. This stands this scale-out from its plastic and metal siblings. 

The #1 freedom of choice it provides is several combinations of complexion and colors. Compared to plastic or metal scales, these large griptilian scales have a lot more leverage to offer.

About complications, you’ll get to choose either 3 standoffs or backspacers. Both help to ease up the process of folding the knife blade. Besides, both standoffs and backspacers offer a G10 moon-like glow in the dark. Call it an aesthetic appeal or easier to detect, that’s an added value either way. 

On top of that, this glow can be paired up with 11 options of secondary colors. The recommended combo is, however, green+green glow. 

In case you were worrying about the price, the price is in a sweet range between premium metal scale and budget plastic ones. 

What Needs Improvement?

  • Though it’s ordered upon custom design, left-handers might be offered fewer options. 
  • Would be great if a combo of both standoffs and backspacers would be available. 

Best Fiberglass Griptilian Scales: Olive G10 Custom Scales

Image Product Price
‎Olive G10 Custom Scales ‎Olive G10 Custom Scales Check Price

What Makes Fiberglass Griptilian Scales Stand Out?

You’ve seen composite scales in the upper part! Likewise, the fiberglass griptilian scales have been our matter of interest for a while too. Since the fiberglass scales aren’t that expensive, many survivalists find them interesting! 

After all, who doesn’t love a fair price-quality ratio? On that note, let’s find the unique factors of this particular material of scales- 

  • It comes in an attractive olive color 
  • Resists corrosion
  • It can be molded
  • Comes at a mid-range price
  • Could glow in darker environments

About Olive G10 Custom Griptilian Scales

Another product from Russia! It seems like they’re making an impact in the griptilian scales world. This particular product is the Olive G10 Scales. And, yes, it does feel a tad bit lighter than the last composite product. 

But, if we’re focusing on the similarities, this product has the option of adding in secondary colors. So, you can even apply a more visible color. Here, the product comes with a backspacer that allows a glow too. This is quite the advantage if you’re working in a darker environment. 

Not really sure what you’re going to do with this much visibility. Perhaps it’ll help you when you “accidentally” drop your knife in the woods. Jokes apart! It’s an important feature, we believe. 

On the other hand, the scales have a smoother surface. So, it feels good on the hand. Most importantly, it doesn’t feel cheap, in any way. 

But, we would’ve appreciated it if there was a slight grip on the surface. After all, a secure grip goes a long way when you’re utilizing the griptilian knives. So, no bonus points here! 

Now, the best part about fiberglass is its durability! It’s strong and tough. So, it can handle excess loads. Plus, it can be molded into different shapes too. This means it has a fair enough flex. Overall, it won’t break down easily. 

And, the longevity is increased due to this incredible toughness. At times, it even goes toe-to-toe with metal griptilian scales. So, it’s better than the plastic ones in the durability department. 

You might want to complain about the weight factor. But, we didn’t consider this one to be heavyweight. Compared to the titanium griptilian scales, it was lighter! 

Lastly, the scales are corrosion-resistant. So, that’s a plus. Since you’ll be working in the wild, it’s better if the scales don’t get corroded easily. 

What Needs Improvement?

  • Clip placement of the scales is made for right-handers. This makes it tough for the left-handers to use effectively. 
  • The surface of the scales is too smooth. It doesn’t arrive with a “gritty” texture.

Best Plastic Griptilian Scales: Flat Benchmade Full Size Griptilian Scales

Image Product Price
‎Flat Benchmade Full Size Griptilian Scales ‎‎Flat Benchmade Full Size Griptilian Scales Check Price

What Makes Plastic Griptilian Scales Stand Out?

The best thing about the plastic griptilian scales is the price! You’ve seen the list, until this point. And, yes, they aren’t affordable, by any means. When compared to the other products, this is quite an affordable option. 

So, we could consider these types as the cheap griptilian scales. Let’s take a look at the other USP of plastic- 

  • Affordability
  • Lightweight
  • Easy portability and carrying
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Tighter seals inside the scales help at resisting corrosion
  • Offers all-weather resistance

About Flat Benchmade Full-Size Griptilian Scales

The product we have is the Flat Benchmade griptilian scales. Right out of the box, they look pretty much like the other factory grips. Here, they’ll have a dome shape that looks similar! 

But when it comes to the feel, the scales have a flatter feel to them. Now, survivalists often complain about the “feel” of the scales. Honestly, it felt like all the other plastic scales in the market. 

The flatter build did make it feel a bit cheaper. But, that’s on the individual perspective. In the end, it comes down to your choice really. So, hey, if you like it, go for it! 

Another thing about the built quality is that there are “carbon fiber filaments” added to the scales. This makes the scales hold up well against structural damages. Overall, it makes the product tougher than the other plastic ones. 

But, the filaments do come with a drawback. Even though the product becomes more durable due to the carbon-fiber filaments, it loses flexibility. So, it comes down to you on what you want to focus on. 

Enough of the look and feel of the product. Let’s talk about something else. Here, the product comes with a threaded brass insert! This makes reassembling and disassembling the products easier. 

What the brass inserts do is ensure a better secure joint between all the components. So, yes, it would have a secure and tighter connection after you’re done reassembling it. 

Also, the scales are 0.3-inches thicker. And, we’d say it’s just enough for conducting everyday knife uses. To make things better, the knife has pocket holes attached to the left and right sides to mount other accessories. So, you have your options. 

In the end, if you’re looking for a replacement for your stock griptilian scales, this could be an option. The lightweight use makes it easy to move around with. And, the price always adds a bonus point.  

What Needs Improvement?

  • The plastic build doesn’t feel premium. So, you might end up disliking it automatically. 
  • Carbon-fiber filaments make the scales less flexible. So, it might not take heavier loads all the time. 

Best Copper Griptilian Scales: Flytanium Copper FLY539 Griptilian Scales

Image Product Price
‎Flytanium Copper FLY539 Griptilian Scales ‎‎Flytanium Copper FLY539 Griptilian Scales Check Price

What Makes Copper Griptilian Scales Stand Out?

Let’s get right to the main part. Copper is heavy! So, there’s no way you can consider these scales to be lightweight, by any means. 

The most unique part about copper is its antimicrobial properties! So, let’s present the unique selling factors of copper griptilian scales– 

  • They resist corrosion
  • Bright color increases the visibility in a darker environment
  • Cost-effective option
  • Offers better sustainability
  • Has antimicrobial properties

About Flytanium Copper FLY539 Griptilian Scales 

Behold! The Flytanium Carbon fiber scales are the center of our attention today. We’ve already seen a lot of Flytanium products already in our list. 

And, trust me, even this one lives up to the amazing brand value! The brand even makes copper mini griptilian scales. So, the option is there! 

So, what did we love straight out of the box? The first thing we noticed and loved straight away was the color of this particular product. Almost all the products that you’ve seen until this point were black and silver. 

This one is quite different! The Flytanium Copper FLY539 Griptilian Scales comes in pink color. Well, the bright pink griptilian scales increase the visibility when you’re moving in a darker environment. 

So, even if you drop your griptilian knife out in the wild, you’ll be able to detect it straight away. After all, the scales are easy to detect because of the color. Another bonus is that you can detect the knife in your bag as well. 

Now, this product isn’t that lightweight compared to the plastic options. Here, it’ll come in at 0.34 lbs. Also, it’ll add only 5.3 extra ounces to the griptilian model. So, it isn’t lighter than plastic. But, good news! It’s lighter than titanium. 

But, the most important bit is the durability factor! These scales are durable. And, yes this is quite a relief since you’ll be working in the wild. The durability affects the longevity of this product too. And, when we say this, we mean it! The product lasts for a while. 

On the other hand, copper has lower maintenance. As it comes with anti-microbial properties, cleaning the product shouldn’t be a problem. 

Face it! You’ll be out in the wild when using these scales. So, you might want to keep things clean and free from bacteria. Otherwise, they won’t last long. 

Since these scales have antimicrobial properties, you won’t have to worry about this part. 

In the hardware department, you’ll get 3 titanium barrels, 2 center screw bodies, and 10 screws for the pocket clip and spacers. So, you’ll have your options with these scales.

What Needs Improvement?

  • The body of the scales doesn’t have any gritty texture. So, the grip factor isn’t the best on these scales. 
  • It’s not a cheap option. So, you’ll need to spend some bucks behind it.

Buying Guide

While we’ve given most of the ideas about our products, the buying process isn’t over yet! You still haven’t decided which buying factors are needed the most. 

And, if you note all of the important buying factors for yourself, the buying decision would be much easier. On that note, let’s take a look at them- 

Smooth Texture Vs. Gritty Texture

The first thing to understand is the surface texture of these griptilian handle scales. But, the main factor here is that different people have different preferences. 

At times, people want to go for a smooth texture! This makes them hold the griptilian knife for a long time without facing any bit of discomfort. At the same time, they can feel good about the overall feel of the scales. 

But, the problem with a smooth texture is that you don’t get the option of having a secure hold! And, it even feels a bit cheaper, at times. No offense or anything, but in this part of the world, people want a premium product. 

So, yeah, the gritty surface texture of the scales provides an overall better feel. Yes, it even provides a premium perception about the product in the minds of the users. 

That said, a gritty surface can fatigue the hands. Especially if you’re working for long hours with your new scales for griptilian

So, in the end, the choice is yours really! 

Color Factor: Is it Important For Griptilian Scales?

Yes! Color is quite the deciding factor in the griptilian scales. Ask any survivalists, they’ll have different opinions about the colors on a griptilian scale. While many beginners don’t have the idea, we’ve decided to introduce this buying factor. 

A general rule of thumb is that, the brighter the color, the better it’ll be for the griptilian scales. Because you’ll be working in a darker wild environment, it’ll be easier to detect your griptilian knife! 

Here, if you have orange griptilian scales, it’ll be quite easier to detect the griptilian knife. And, you won’t even lose it out in the wild. But, if you had a dark scale, things would’ve been hard! 

Another factor is that having a brighter color means it won’t mix up with your other hunting gear. You can easily locate your mini griptilian handle scales, even when it’s in your bag.

That said, a darker color will possess a problem. Even if that’s the case, many people do prefer dark-colored scales. In fact, most of the scales in this list have a darker color. Hence, we aren’t downplaying the darker color. It’s just that you’ll need to decide on your own. 

Weight Factor: Light or Heavy?

The scales need to be light! Yes, that’s the truth. You don’t want your scales to be heavy. This is because the scales will add in excess weight to your griptilian knife. 

That’s why many people go for the griptilian aluminum scales. The main reason is that aluminum is light and strong, at the same time. 

But, a heavy product does feel premium and great when you hold it. Plus, some of the heavier products are the strongest and will last for a long time. Like the titanium full size griptilian scales. 

Which Material Should You Choose?

Yes, now comes the most important concern of the list- the material! As we’ve broken the list into different segments, you might want to know the best material. 

Well, here, we’ve always gone for the titanium scales. This is because you won’t get better durability and strength than titanium anywhere. Yes, the carbon fiber mini griptilian scales have strength. But, they aren’t as strong as titanium but far stronger than 154cm or CPM-20CV knives.

So, you can go for this option. But, titanium is expensive. And, both of the products discussed were expensive. So, if you want to save some cash, move to the carbon-fiber scales. These were pretty good with durability too. 

You can even go for the custom mini griptilian scales! Here, you can select your material and work accordingly by setting it to your griptilian knife. 


Are wood griptilian scales expensive?

No wood isn’t an expensive material. In fact, wood will last for a long time and has incredible toughness. 

Is weight a deciding factor for the griptilian scales?

Yes, it’s better for the griptilian scales to be lightweight. If that’s not the case then the scales will add added weight to the griptilian knives. 

Do griptilian scales require regular maintenance?

Yes! Griptilian scales do require a bit of maintenance. However, they won’t require regular maintenance if you don’t use them daily. That said, you do want to keep the dust away from it and wipe off excess water from the surface.

Bottom Line

This was a fun ride, honestly! But, it has to end. We do hope we’re able to provide almost everything regarding the best griptilian scales. Just a tip before we leave. 

Get a good grasp of the buying factors. These are the ones that’ll matter the most when you feel a bit out of context. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. 

And, comment down if you think we missed out on something. We’ll be glad to catch up! Adios, for now.