Are Crispi Boots Worth the Money- A Detailed Overview

Being a good outdoor activist requires a decent pair of boots. In fact, such situations often arise where your life depends on the pair of boots you choose to wear on a particular day.

When it comes to hiking, trekking, backpacking, or even mountaineering, Crispi boots are the choice of many. But taking a decision is not easy given so many viable options out there.

So the question that many ask is, Are Crispi boots worth the money?

Crispi boots are worth the money for their amazing Vibram soles, ankle support system, and Gore-Tex insulation. But for things like water resistance and better midsoles, and abrasion resistance there are better options.

This was just one little part of what lies ahead in this article. We’ll discuss every feature that Crispi boots have to offer and why there are better choices in a high price range.

Seems interesting? Let’s dig right in!

What Type of Boots Do You Want?

Before we jump into Crispi boots, you need to be sure of what type of boots you are looking for. Even in Crispi, there are a bunch of boots made for certain uses.

For instance, you could be a backpacker, hunter, trekker, mountaineer, or outdoor activist. Plus, you could also be looking for boots in order to complement your Arcteryx outdoor clothes. Or, you could be simply looking for some boots to wear on a daily basis. 

Crispi boots are one of a kind, but their availability can be questioned. However, there are some alternatives to Crispi boots for different activities.

Things to Keep in Mind

In addition to this, you need to keep in mind some certain things which a decent pair of boots should offer. But these features may also differ in terms of the need for certain wearers.

The most important things to consider are how the boot fits, the support, and the materials. However, there are some other things to consider as well. Let’s have a look-

Underfoot Midsole

The most support of the boot comes from the underfoot midsole and the cuff which wraps around your ankles. These 2 are a must to be of good quality for a better experience from your boots. The stiffer the midsole is going to be, the more it will be able to protect you from rocks and bends. 


Another thing to keep in mind is the insulation. If you want boots that won’t make your feet feel cold in the lower temperatures, insulated boots are the way to go. They will trap the air particles inside the boot and obstruct air flowing from the boots. This makes your feet warm and cozy.

If you are in a cold temperature with very little activity, 200 grams of insulation is fine. However, this number goes up with increasing temperatures. So if you are in the extreme cold, 1000 grams is the way to go. Hope you got it!

Water Resistance 

Finally, if you are looking to use your boots to cross streams or lakes, you might need a waterproof boot. Most boots offer a Gore-Tex membrane that hinders the flow of water into the boots.

These things are important to keep in mind while hiking or mountaineering. And since you’re looking for outdoor boots, you are an outdoor activist obviously. So make sure to choose the right fabric for your tents or tarps.

What Does Crispi Boots Offer?

Crispi boots are used mostly for trekking, hunting, backpacking, mountaineering, and other extreme sports. They do have their name in the market for offering quality products.

They offer a wide range of features for their users. These features, although a marketing strategy, are pretty good. In this segment, we’ll see what these Crispi boots actually offer from the feature pov. Let’s see-

Full-Grain Leather

Most of the Hunting boots of Crispi offer the upper sole made of full-grain leather.

So what is full-grain leather?

Full-grain leather is much more durable and stronger than regular leather. That’s because here the leather has not been buffed or sanded to remove any sort of marks. The full thickness of the leather is used. Also, the hair is removed beforehand from the hide.

Full-grain leathers last longer. So it’s a plus point to have full-grain leathers in Crispi boots.


Crispi offers full-grain leather in almost all insulated hunting boots. These fall in the higher price range in Crispi.

Gore-Tex Waterproof Membrane

Gore-Tex membrane is used to repel water and is placed inside the soles of Crispi boots.

It is a breathable and waterproof fabric that is basically made of Teflon. It doesn’t let water flow inside. Not only that. Even if water somehow gets inside, it will vapor. So it’s super lightweight and water-resistant.

Thus, you can cross lakes or streams without a worry if there’s Gore-Tex technology available.

Crispi Boots starting from mid-range offer Gore-Tex waterproof membrane. It starts from the mid-range Attiva Mid GTX to high-range Wild Rock Plus GTX.

However, there’s a but here for Crispi boots. Based on several reviews of customers, it’s seen that Crispi boots start leaking after 3/4 months of use.

Whereas, you can easily find much better options of boots in the same price range as Crispi if waterproofing is absolutely essential for you.

Here’s our recommendation for boots in the same price range as Crispi that have lower chances of leak-

Lowa is considered to be the best among its price range in terms of water resistance. You can find them in the same range of price as Crispi and their Gore-Tex membrane is much more reliant.


Insulation is an amazing feature for boots in freezing temperatures. It keeps your feet warm in low temperatures.

Crispi does an amazing job in the case of insulation. They use Gore-Tex insulation instead of Thinsulate. It’s much more efficient and breathable. 

People seem to have no complaints about the insulated boots of Crispi. You can easily hunt in knee-level snows keeping your feet warm. However, you need to have a pair of socks that will wick perspiration out of your feet. This holds true for all sorts of boots.

The insulated boots that Crispi offer are-

  • Nevada
  • Hunter 
  • Guide
  • Wild Rock
Nevada Hiking Boots

This insulation feature is mainly found in the high range of Crispi boots. 

ABSS (Ankle Bone Support System)

The ankle bone support system is a technology developed by Crispi. This offers excellent sprain protection to the ankle while jumping or climbing.

ABSS ensures the comfort of the entire ankle area. It limits joint fatigue after a whole day of trekking or climbing.

The good thing here’s that ABSS is found starting from mid-range of price to high range of price in the Crispi Boots. It’s found in Wyoming II GTX which is very cheap and also in the Idaho GTX II which is an expensive one.

But the low-range Crispi boots don’t offer an Ankle Bone Support System.

Vibram Soles 

Vibram soles are a combination of rubber and foam that provides better traction and durability.

In addition to this, vibram soles offer a better grip and longevity to the boots.

This is made particularly for hikers and climbers out there. With better traction, there’s considerably less risk of slipping while climbing.

Crispi offers Vibram soles to most of its hiking boots and this is a plus point for hikers. Plus, it’s also found in almost all the low range segment boots along with mid and high ranges.

In addition to the features provided by Cripsi, you can do some modifications to your boots. This modification includes attaching a pouch to your boots in which you can keep some gears that will be easy to reach.

Dual-Density Polyurethane Midsoles

Polyurethane is a material that is much elastic and bendable. So it gives a good amount of flex to the boots. This reduces the sprain or pressure that is exerted due to landings on rocks and stuff like that.

Boots that have Polyurethane midsoles offer much more rigid support to the feet. In addition, Polyurethane fabrics are very much durable and comfortable to wear.

Polyurethane midsoles are used in the higher price range of Crispi boots.

Are Crispi Boots Worth the Money?

Now that we’ve talked about what Crispi boots have to offer, it’s time to get to the point. Crispi has a bunch of boots aligned for specific personal requirements. Crispi boots are often questioned, just like there are questions about Arcteryx not providing value for money.

However, we have split them up into 3 different categories. They are the low range, mid-range, and high range.

Low Range($150-$200)

The boots available in the market in this range offer some basic features. These are waterproof, lightweight, breathable, and full-grain leather.

Now, if having full grain leather is important to you, Crispi is not the best choice in this segment. However, it does manage to offer a waterproof membrane and is also lightweight and quite breathable. 

In this range, there are 4 boots available in Crispis. They are Attiva(hunting), Monaco GTX(hiking), Crossover Pro Light GTX(hunting and mountaineering) , and the Sniper GTX(urban patrolling). 

If you are in dusty and hot air conditions like California, Crossover Pro Light GTX will be an absolute value for money product for you. They are highly breathable, have antiperspirant and have anti-odor action.

If you are more into hiking and on a budget, Monaco GTX is the way to go with. It has excellent built quality with Gore-Tex comfort lining. Plus, it has a water-repellent upper sole(nubuck). In addition, it comes with a vibram rubber sole with polyurethane-coated leather. So this is an absolute bang for the buck for you.


Since we’re talking about low-range adventure boots, we have some cheaper and better boots for you. You can save some bucks here and will still manage to have similar satisfaction like Crispi.

  • You can check out Scarpa Zen Pro hiking boots if you want something even cheaper than Crispi. This is the best product in this price range.
  • But if you want a more durable sole, Keen Men’s Durand II  can be a good choice for you. It offers a polyurethane sole which can’t be found in Crispi in this price range.

Mid Range($200-$300)

In this price range, Nubuck leather uppers, vibram soles, and waterproof features are commonly seen in the market.

However, Crispi boots offer vibram soles, Gore-Tex comfortable wear lining, Polyurethane soles, and also Insulation in this price range. This is added with waterproof and nubuck leathers.

It’s not common to see insulated boots in this price range. But the Crispi West River II GTX 400 offers so! So, if insulation is what you are looking for, you can go with Crispi in this segment

If you are looking for stiffer boots with a forward flex, you can go with the Colorado GTX. It has a flex rate of 4 so it’s more comfortable in bends during climbing or hiking. Also, it has a more durable vibram midsole with an ankle bone support system.


  • The features that we mentioned, however, are available at a much cheaper rate in Lowa Renegade II. It also has Gore-Tex water resistance like the Colorado GTX. Plus, it has a vibram sole with a polyurethane frame. So if you can sacrifice a bit with the front flex, Lowa is the way to go.
  • There’s another option in this range for you. And that is Asolo Fugitive GTX. It has all the features that are incorporated in Colorado GTX. Vibra outsole, Gore-Tex, you name it. You can get it all in a much cheaper price.

High Range($300+)

In the high range of Crispi boots, the additional feature that it offers is insulation. There are a larger number of boots that offer insulation in this range than the mid-range.

In addition, it also offers ABSS and full grain leathers.

The insulated boots in this price range are Wild Rock Plus GTX, Guide GTX, and the Nevada GTX. You can go with either of these with features like Gore-Tex insulation, water resistance, higher flex, ABSS and Dual tech lining.


However, with this price range, there’s a high chance that you will get disappointed with Crispi boots. That’s because you can find high end boots which offer more features than Crispi at this price point.

Here’s our recommendation for such boots

To sum up everything, Crispi boots are worth the money if you have a low to mid range budget. But if you are planning on spending extra bucks to go with high range, there are other options available that have a better customer experience than Crispi boots.


How long does it take to break in Crispi boots?

It takes almost 3 weeks to break in for Crispi Boots. It gets easier while you wear it on a regular basis. But it’s quite hard to break in. You might have to wear them for 2/ days per week for them to blend in.

Where are Crispi Boots Made?

Crispi boots are made in Italy. They have built their brand value especially for being made in Italy, ensuring good quality of premium boots. They are used for trekking, hiking, mountaineering, etc.

How tight should hunting boots be?

The best way to know if hunting boots are not too tight is to see if you can move your toes. If your toes are fixated, then the boots are too tight for you.


This was all from us on “Are Crispi boots worth the money”. We hope we’ve been able to help you in deciding whether you should spend your money on Crispi or not.

If you have any further queries, let us know in the comment section. Thank you for staying with us till the very end!