Best Rivers West Rain Gear Reviews: Finest Way to Keep Dry

Imagine that you’re out in the woods, and the inevitable happens. Rain, totally out of nowhere. 

Well, in most cases, you’ll be prepared. But your gear might not be as waterproof as you thought it to be.

This is where Rivers West does it right. They make some pretty decent rain gear across all their products. And we’ve listed some of their top picks here today. 

We went through thirty different gears and made it out with these. our Rivers West Rain Gear reviews should help you out in your search for rain gear. 

So let’s head into the good part. 

Types of Rivers West Rain Gears

You can get different rain bibs, jackets, and even hats if you search for it. But we’ll be looking at the top picks in different sections. Don’t worry, we’ll recommend the others outside the list too.

In that way, you can figure out which one would work better with your setup. We don’t need to brag about rain gear too much. You probably already know enough. So let’s jump into the reviews without further ado.

Top 3 Best Camouflaged Rivers West Rain Gear Reviews

The military look is something a lot of people prefer. And this blends in when you’re out in the woods. So please take a look at our top picks in the camouflaged section. Here’s a quick comparison-

If that was not enough for you, you could check out our comparative analysis below. This should give you an idea about which rain gear works better for what situation.

Rivers West Men’s Hunting Waterproof Ambush Jacket: More About the Product

I know, the name is a mouthful. But the Men’s Hunting Waterproof Ambush Jacket from Rivers West made it to the top. And we’ll tell you why.

It’s one of the only jackets on the list that comes with the headpiece. The entire thing wraps around your head quite well. this is something other jackets in the range does not offer.

But you won’t get the same treatment across all color options, though. That’s right. You will miss out on the headpiece if you go for the camo bottomlands versions. 

Well, at least you get to choose from three different camouflage colors. Not all the jackets will give you that freedom.

Things That Need Improvement:

  • Although they claim that it’s waterproof, don’t go out and drench this. This won’t keep you dry from stronger currents 
  • The camo bottomlands option doesn’t come with a headpiece. So a decent skull cap might be useful along with that if you want that exact one.

Rivers West Men’s Ambush Hunting Bib: More About the Product

Here’s a hunting bib with a pretty unique camo design. I mean, the one we picked was sort of weird. But the Ambush Hunting Bib from rivers West is overall decent.

Just like the jacket above, this one is made with micro fleece. So you basically get the same durability as the last one. 

The bib looks like any other bib, honestly. But we appreciate the fact that it has a bit of the “overalls” DNA with this. Another bib we looked at in the next section seemed to lack this design. 

We think the end decision comes down to the user’s preference. And most of the people on our team preferred this while going out hunting.

When you’re not hunting down and eating skunks or other animals in this, this could be used as a fishing bib too. 

Things That Need Improvement:

  • This might seem a bit over the top for a hunting bib. If this bothers you, you can opt for a more toned-down version

Rivers West Ranger Jacket: More About the Product

Finally, we have another jacket on the list. And this one is different from the last jacket. You do get the same camo design as the first one, though. So, the Rivers West Rangers Jacket somehow made it into the list.

We agree that the price point is slightly steeper on this one if you compare it to the other one. But it’s a completely different segment if you ask me. 

One thing’s for sure, you do get the headpiece or the hoodie in this one. That’s right, you can use the hoodie with both options on this one. But you couldn’t do the same with the last one. 

Things That Need Improvement:

  • Of course, this one does not offer you the full gear experience. You could pair this up with a pair of hunting pants to complete the set. 

Top 3 Best Solid Rivers West Rain Gear Reviews

If the camo look isn’t something you’d prefer, you might want solid colors. And here are 3 of the best solid Rivers West rain gears. We’ll start with a comparison-

If that comparison wasn’t enough for you, here’s a more visual description-

Rivers West Men’s Kokanee Jacket: More About the Jacket

Coming in at first place, we checked out this seam-sealed fishing jacket. It’s the Men’s Kokanee Jacket from Rivers West. And like the others on the list, this also comes in multiple color options.

You can either pick the tan jacket or the olive one. But this olive is a bit more dulled down than the next one on the list.

Similarly, you also get this in different sizes. And this is the only one in which you get to choose from four different sizes. Now that’s neat since even the next one offers just three sizes. 

While this isn’t your typical hunting-in-the-woods jacket, we think it’s perfect as a rain gear. The waterproofing part is done with the use of sealed seams. Since the fabric uses Taffeta and Oxford shell, it’s pretty much non-porous. 

So you won’t see any water moving in. in our two weeks of experience with this jacket, we didn’t see any water pushing through.

As for keeping you warm, this works decently. I mean, cold will still get through. But I think it does its job better as a rain gear.

Things That Need Improvement:

  • The durability of this one isn’t on par with the others. If this concerns you,

Rivers West 40/40 Jacket: More About the Jacket

First off, you get to choose between two colors in this case. You can either pick the dulled-out olive or the fully black jacket.

And since the Rivers West 40/40 is a rain gear, you don’t have to worry about the waterproofing. It works. 

Pairing this up with a decent rain bib would help you out if you’re out hunting in the woods. Put two and two together, and you’ll have yourself a decent whole camping set. That’s nice, right?

We appreciate the fact that they made the design like a casual jacket. So you don’t have to use this only to go hunting. It has a snug fit. And you shouldn’t have to worry too much since there is enough stretch on it. 

The best thing about it is that you can wear it casually without looking like a dork. And we can’t say the same about the other gears on the list. 

Things That Need Improvement:

  • The quality of the fabric does not carry through to the hoodie. If this seems concerning, you can opt for an extra cap along with the jacket. 

Rivers West Men’s 40/40 Rain Bib: More About the Product

Finally, we have another rain bib in third place. This gear is made from the same type of material as the RW jackets. So this guarantees the same type of durability as the others. 

While this is on the affordable side, you won’t get the full rain bib experience. Yes, the pant-side does start from a lower side on this one. 

But it was nice of them to include four different color options with this one. We just think this one needed a bit more work on the taffeta lining. This same stitching was better on the jacket we just checked out. 

If you were wondering about the sizes, you get four different sizes of this one. 

Some of you might even call this a fishing bib. And the 40/40 Rain Bib from Rivers West actually works as a fishing bib, after all. So if you’re out fishing and find bass, this bib might shine. But whether bass could be good to eat or not is a whole other discussion 

Things That Need Improvement:

  • The taffeta lining could’ve been a bit stronger. Check out the camo bib if this seems to bother you. 
  • This one tries to imitate the pant-look rather than the overalls-look. If overalls is the way to go for you, check out a different bib

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Is Rivers West Gear worth it?

Like other companies focused on the survival section, Rivers West tries their best too. their special micro-fleece fabrics along with the 

Final Words

After all this, we’re at the end. Now listen, we’ve listed quite a few gears here. Rivers West isn’t backing us with this one. Throughout the entire page, we tried to show you the pros and cons of all the gears.

If some of the gears still seem lucrative enough after all the cons, then no one’s going to stop you from buying them.Our Rivers West Rain Gear reviews should help you find the best rain gear. So good luck with your buying decision. Do let us know how your shopping went!