Marmot Precip vs Precip Eco: Is Sustainability the Way to Go?

A good rain jacket can be a lifesaver! Not only does it protect you from the rain, but it also helps you in cold and bad weather. Thus, investing in a good jacket could protect you from a lot of trouble. 

When it comes to outdoor clothing, Marmot is a household name. They have a plethora of products available for different situations. But, the Marmot Precip and the precip eco are two of the best they have to offer! 

So, you might ask, Marmot Precip vs Precip Eco, which one should I go for? 

There’s not a world of difference between Marmot Precip and Precip Eco. However, in terms of sustainability, Precip Eco takes the edge slightly. The Precip Eco also has more variety even though Precip is slightly more durable. Also, if you’re looking for something affordable, Precip is the way to go!

In this article, we’re going to help you find the best rain jacket for you. We’re going to discuss all the differences between Marmot and Precip eco! Let’s begin!

Marmot Precip vs Precip Eco: Head to Head 

When it comes to choosing a rain jacket, choosing the right one is important. From the material to the design and the fit, everything is crucial. So, you have to take every factor into account before getting one. 

So, when it comes to choosing two of the best Marmot has to offer, we had to go in-depth! Before we get into the head to head comparisons, check out their features at a glance- 

Here’s the head to head comparison for Precip and Precip Eco –

Feature Marmot Precip Marmot Precip Eco
Material Nylon and Polyester  Recycled Nylon and Polyester 
Seam Tapered Tapered 
Hood Adjustable Adjustable 
Pocket Style Pack Pockets Pack Pockets 
Cuffs Velcro, Adjustable Velco, Adjustable 
Hem Elastic, drawcord Elastic, drawcord 
Storage Can be stuffed into own pocket Can be stuffed into own pocket 

Where To Get Them

In the table, we’ve discussed all the features you need to know. With that discussed, let’s get into details!


Between Marmot Precip and Precip Eco, the material is what makes all the difference. While the Marmot Precip is made of nylon, the eco variant is made of recycled nylon. Now, while they might sound similar, there’s a world of difference between them.

Although both the materials are nylon, the source of the nylon makes a lot of difference. Virgin nylon has some traits of its own that make it stand out. This includes great heat retention, breathability, quick-drying, water-repelling, etc. 

So, if you’re wondering “is Marmot jacket waterproof?” it is! The outer material repels water while the inside prevents the water from getting in!  

When it comes to Marmot Precip, the outer material is nylon with polyester insulation. Similarly, Nylon Precip has an outer material of recycled nylon with a polyester interior. 

However, recycled nylon is generally made from things like old fishing nets, bottles, etc. When they’re recycled and turned into yarn, they act like recycled polyester. So, the material is somewhat elastic and stretchable. 

Thus, when investing in recycled nylon, you’re getting the best of both worlds. You get a material that provides you the best of both nylon and polyester. However, you get very few of its drawbacks like holding odors or itchiness.

Thus, most enthusiasts and supporters of sustainable fashion prefer recycled nylon over virgin nylon. So, if recycled nylon is what you’re looking for, the eco is exactly what you need. 


When it comes to comparison between Precip and Precip Eco, sustainability is key! Precip Eco made a name for itself in the market for being an environmentally sustainable alternative to the regular Precip.

But when it comes to sustainability, there’s a lot more to the bigger picture. The Marmot Precip has 100% Nylon outerwear with a polyester interior. Now, the material Nylon isn’t sustainable. To begin with, producing nylon comes at the cost of massive heat and electricity.

Furthermore, jackets are generally made from nylon yarn. As a result, it’s not something that can be recycled. So, eventually, it ends up in a landfill. Thus, the typical Marmot precip isn’t ideal for our environment. 

When it comes to Marmot Eco, it gets a bit complicated. The outer part of the Marmot eco is made of recycled nylon, which is considered good for the environment.  However, the inside is made of polyester. Now, recycled nylon requires a lot less heat and electricity for production compared to virgin nylon.

Also, most recycled nylon is sourced from old fishing nets and other nylon materials. So, it helps in reducing dirt from landfills. However, once the jacket is prepared, it can’t be recycled further, so, like its virgin counterpart, it will have the same faith.

Another issue with recycled nylon is the presence of microplastics. Whenever it’s washed, the material disintegrates into small bits of microplastic. The microplastic mixes with water and eventually ends up in water bodies. 

Thus, you have to follow the washing instructions very carefully when washing. But, it’s crucial to keep in mind that sustainability lies in use. 

Reuse products for a long time, and turn them into other useable products when it’s no longer wearable. Living sustainably is the key in this case!

Using microfiber-catching laundry bags is a great way to keep microplastics away. Products like the E-cloth laundry bag are great for such scenarios.


When it comes to outdoor products, durability is a key issue. You have to make sure it survives the wear and tear of the outdoors. Thus, focusing on the durability of your product is a good idea!

Now, Marmot guarantees top-notch durability and for both the Precip and the Precip Eco. Here, a key factor that you need to take into account is the build of the product. Although the jackets are lightweight, they can manage to pack a punch.

So, you can always take them on any outdoor adventure without worrying about damage. Also, the products will last a few good years without any hassle. So, longevity is of the essence here. 

However, one key issue with Marmot Eco is the emission of microplastics. The yarn used in virgin nylon disintegrates into microplastic. As a result, the outer part loses its integrity after a few years. 

So, if durability is your key concern, getting the precip might be a good idea in the long run. However, you can check out Little Donkey Waterproof Rain Jacket as a substitute for these two.


While “style over substance” is not the way to go for outerwear, style is still a factor. Especially when both the jackets have similar features, style can be a suitable metric to determine the best. 

Now, both the Marmot Precip and Precip Eco have designs for men and women. However, in terms of style, the Eco outweighs the standard Precip by a mile. The Precip is only available in its base design in seven colors for men and women. 

However, the precip eco is available in multiple designs and categories. For men, the jacket is available in three distinct sizes. The Precip Eco, Precip Eco- Tall, and the Precip Eco Big. They’re also available in multiple colors based on design.

In the case of Precip Eco for women, the choices are pretty limited. You can only get the Eco in its base design, but you get it in ten different colors. So, if the style is what you’re looking for, Precip Eco is the way to go!

However, pairing your jacket with the right pair of boots is crucial! Not only do they help with your identity, they also play a part in your safety and comfort in an adventure. If you’re looking for boots, here are our recommendations-


Size is another key factor in terms of outdoor clothing. Getting the right size of rainwear is crucial when you’re outdoors. Getting clothes too small or too big affects its heat retention and can hamper movement. So, getting the right sized one is important. 

When it comes to size, the Marmot Precip jacket is only available in multiple sizes for men. And for women, you’d get them in 5 different sizes from XS to XL. 

However, when it comes to the Precip Eco, the size choices are a lot better and more inclusive. For men, it’s in every size from XS to XL. Furthermore, for women, you have all the available sizes and an extra plus-sized version. 

The plus-sized version is a part of Marmot’s pledge to ensure inclusive, easy-to-use products for everyone. And considering that rain jackets are as important as the right tarp for your tents, getting the right size is important. 


A crucial element when it comes to choosing new gear is cost. Finding the right bang for the buck is crucial in any case. However, since both the rain jackets provide similar features, the cost can be a key factor here. 

Now, the Marmot Precip is a good choice financially. It’s in the right region between affordability and luxury. So, if you’re looking for something sturdy at an affordable cost, Precip is a good shot. 

However, if you’re looking for variety and sustainability, the Precip Eco has what you need in the right proportions. Since there’s a lot of variety in the products, the costs also vary. The cost can vary based on the size and the category, so keep that in mind. 

That being said, check the following list to have a better idea about pricing-

You can get a clear idea about the product from the table here!


Now, let’s settle the dispute! Should you get Precip or Precip Eco?

In terms of features, they’re very similar. They are sturdy, easy to use rain jackets that will last a long time. Also, they both have very utilitarian designs. So you can carry things in your pockets without too much worrying. 

But, the silver lining here is sustainability and its impact on our environment. As discussed before, the Marmot Precip is not a good idea in terms of sustainability. Its materials aren’t recyclable so it’ll eventually be detrimental to the environment.  

However, the Precip Eco does a better job in terms of sustainability. It’s made of recycled materials and can be recycled into something else again. Also, it has a bigger collection of products than Precip jackets!

Taking all the factors into account, we recommend getting the Precip Eco over the Precip!


Now that we’ve discussed all the details about our jackets, here are a few common questions and their answers-

What are the Differences Between a Rain Jacket and a Raincoat?

The key difference between rain jackets and raincoats is in the length. Jackets generally end at the waist while raincoats go up to the knees. Also, raincoats are generally made of material that’s glossier than rain jackets. 

Is the Marmot Precip Breathable? 

Yes! Marmot precip is made of 100% nylon, so it’s lightweight, easy to carry, and breathable. You can take it anywhere you want without thinking too much about the material or environment. 

How to Clean a Marmot Precip Jacket? 

The easiest way to clean a Marmot Precip Jacket is by following the instructions mentioned in the jacket. Put it in the washing machine with cold water and wash with detergent. Keep it separate from other colors and don’t use bleach or any chemicals. 

Final Word 

A good rain jacket can be your savior in the wilderness. Not only does it protect you from the rain, but it also keeps you safe from damages in the forest. And when it comes to rain jackets, Marmot has some of the best products in its line! 

The Marmot Precip and the Precip Eco are two of the best from Marmot! And if you’re confused about which one you need between Marmot Precip vs Marmot Eco, we hope we’ve been helpful! We’ve discussed all you need to know so you can decide which one you need.