Leer Vs ARE- The Better Truck Cap?

You definitely need a truck cover to safeguard your accessories when you’re out on an adventure. But you’re in a dilemma about which brand to go for.

So, which truck cap to choose: Leer vs ARE?.

Both Leer and ARE have a wide range of products along with modifications. ARE has more varieties to offer you than Leer. On the other hand, Leer has more modification options than ARE. For both of them, aluminum and fiberglass are used for the body.

These are only a few of the differences between Leer and A.R.E. Not sure about the details yet? We’ve tried to break down the differences in this article. So read along!

So, let’s get into the details as we go!

Leer Vs ARE: Quick Difference

Before we jump into the details, let’s take a quick look at the differences first!

FeaturesPrice Range: $1000-2000Price Range: $2000+
LockSingle BoltSingle T-lockT-handle, flip, twistSingle/double t-handle
Doors And WindowsMore optionsFewer optionsFewer optionsMore options
InteriorMore optionsFewer optionsFewer optionsMore options
ExteriorAluminumAluminum, FiberglassFiberglassFiberglass

Now, let’s explore the detailed features between Leer vs ARE!

Leer Vs ARE: Head To Head

It’s time for the showdown. Let’s take a detailed look at the different features of Leer and ARE. We hope you’ll be able to choose the suitable one after this. 

There are a number of truck cap models from both Leer and ARE. So, we’ll divide them into two price range categories for a better view of the comparison. So let’s find out what sets these two leading brands apart!

Price Range $1000-$2000

In the $1000-$2000 price range, Leer offers you only one model of truck cap. Which is the DCC Truck Cap.

On the other hand, ARE has two different series available for you. They are the Classic V and Classic Aluminum Truck Caps.

Now let’s take a look at the detailed comparison between Leer vs ARE caps and their key features.


In this price range, Leer has used bolt lock with the “one key” technology. You can operate all the locks on your Leer truck cap with just one key.

Source: customtruckaccessories

This means not only your truck’s ignition will be operated with the ignition key. But also the truck cap doors, trailer hitch box, toolbox, etc will also work with just one key.

However, when it comes to trailers, there can also be failures of swing tongue. In that case, swing tongue doesn’t work properly it could be disastrous. So, keep that in mind as well!

As a result, you don’t have to keep your eyes on different keys for your truck cap. Just one key to rule them all!

However, there are also some dark sides to it. It’s unusual but if you lose this one key, you will lose access to your truck cap. Also, you have to go through even more trouble to replace this type of lock.

On the other hand, ARE uses traditional t-handle locks for the rear door of the cap. ARE Classic Aluminum uses only one t-lock on the back. Whereas the Classic V uses two t-handle locks for extra security. Which means you have to use multiple keys.

Doors & Windows

Leer offers you several options for the doors and windows around the cap.

For the rear door, double full door, hatchback door, single full door to name a few. Also, you can choose if you want windows for the rear door or not.

Solid, rectangular, sliding window options are also available for the front and window options.

On the other hand, ARE has comparatively fewer options for the doors and windows. They have installed ¼ slider windows. For the rear door, you have only two different sizes available. You pretty much don’t have many alternatives to choose from.

So, if you want to travel with pets, you’ll have to choose wisely.


You really need to know how much space there is inside the cap, how are the lightings, etc. before buying a truck cap. This means the interior is another crucial thing to look for when choosing a truck cap. 

Both Leer and ARE offer you 12V LED lights inside the caps. But you can choose the option of one or two lights in the ARE caps.

On the contrary, Leer gives you the option of only one LED light. But you can only choose between 20” or 40” light.

Not to mention, there is enough space if you’re planning to spend the night in your truck. Let’s assume that you’re out on an adventure and gotta spend the night in your truck. There is enough space inside the cap to spread your wool blanket or sleeping bag and sleep right away.

But there is another interesting feature in the ARE caps here. And that is, there is an option for holding fishing rods. So if you often go fishing with your truck, you know which one to choose!

However, Leer gives you an interior roof rack option so you can keep your accessories there too!


Leer DCC and ARE Classic Aluminum both caps are made of aluminum. That’s why they are extremely lightweight and durable.

However, there is still a difference between the aluminum of these two models. The Classic Aluminum’s thickness is 0.019 inches all around the cap.

But DCC offers you 0.035 inches thick aluminum on the roof. Aluminum is prone to the change in temperature. But still, thicker aluminum would be able to fight off the temperature better than the thinner ones. So, you can consider your golden retriever safe from extreme heat or cold.

On the other hand, ARE Classic V is quite the game-changer here. They offer you fiberglass-built. “But why would it be a gamechanger here?” you might be thinking.

Well, fiberglass can be considered premium considering the price range. Fiberglass can fight against the weather better than aluminum. This makes it more friendly for your accessories inside the caps.

But mind you, aluminum is a lot more durable than fiberglass. Not to mention, you can choose the color that matches your truck in both Leer and ARE.

Price Range: $2000+

We’ve seen how many varieties just the lower price range gave us. Good news for you, in this price range, you have even more available options. It’s a great investment for your upcoming adventures.

Leer offers you nine different models in this range and each with its own modification. On the other hand, ARE has eleven available models for this price range. Now let’s take a look at them as well as their modifications.


In this price range, Leer uses different types of lock systems for different models. The locks they use are, t-handle locks, flip locks, and twist handle locks.

On the other hand, ARE uses t-handle locks and on the more expensive caps, they use remote locks. However, you can choose if you want a single or a double lock.

But why all these varieties of locks when they could just use one type of lock for all their models?

It’s because of the price range, the lock systems are different. For example, twist handle locks are comparatively more secure than t-handle locks.

But not to worry. The models in this price range that use t-handle locks use double locks. As a result, your truck cap is safer than the lower price range caps. So if you park inside a forest, you can rest assured that no bear can attack you.

Flip locks and twist handle locks are the traditional locks that we usually use on doors. They provide you an extra layer of security as they are very hard to pick.

Your accessories inside the cap are as secure as the artifacts in the museum with them.

However, it’s totally up to you which type of lock you prefer.

Doors & Windows

When it comes to the doors and windows, both Leer and ARE have a wide range of options.

All of the models of Leer in this price range use dark tint windows and a rear door. They give you a lot of advantages in many aspects.

It’s normal for you to take a nap inside the cap when you’re out on an adventure. Or maybe you’re carrying your pet in the back of your car.

Dark tint glasses give you protection from UV rays. So if you’re carrying something that can rot, tint glasses will come in handy.

Not to mention, you don’t want others to take a peek at your truck cap. Tint glasses are the perfect solution for it.

Leer truck caps give you the choice to modify both the windows and rear doors nevertheless. You can install framed bay windows along with slider choice. There is also the option of choosing recessed 50/50 sliding windows, twist out vents, etc.

Heck, even you can choose not to have any windows!

However, there is a fixed front window. But it can be a slider or picture window if you want!

Both Leer and ARE have almost the same features regarding the doors and windows. But ARE gives you more options to choose from. There are half slider, F2 mitered half slider, screen-vent side window options you can choose from.

Additionally, you can have installed side privacy doors on your ARE caps too if you want.


Some of the ARE models come with a carpeted interior.

Source: mobilliving

But none of the Leer models have this feature.

Source: pop-up-campers-trailer

The carpet prevents heat from fluctuating. It helps to keep the inside of the truck cap at a more stable temperature.

Both in the Leer and ARE truck caps, you’ll have interior dome light installed on the headliner. You can also install additional 12V lights in your cap.

Another interesting feature of both Leer and ARE caps is the interior cloth hangers. You don’t need to pack another bag for your clothes before going out on your adventure. You can just take them inside your cap and off you go!

But you can add an overhead gear net on your truck cap. So you can keep your small accessories in one place. This option is not available in any of the ARE caps in this price range.

There’s also an alternative to have an insulated roof for your Leer truck cap. Insulation helps to keep the temperature normal inside the cap. This way, if you’re carrying your pets behind, they won’t have much trouble. 

Speaking of pets, what if they scratch and damage the interior? You don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Some of the Leer and ARE models offer pet screens inside the cap. Pet screens are immune to the scratches and damages caused by household pets. Not only that, as an additional benefit, pet screens help to keep bugs away too!

Now let us tell you a really innovative feature that is only present in the ARE CX Evolve cap. The feature is “Optional Active Tilt”. This magnet technology automatically turns on the interior LED lights as soon as you open the door.


All of the Leer and ARE truck caps in the range of $2000-$2500 are made with fiberglass. We’ve discussed both the bright and dark sides of fiberglass. So let’s go to the rest of the features Leer and ARE caps have!

Some of the Leer and almost all of the ARE models in this range give you a third brake light. A third brake light helps the drivers behind you when you’ve hit the brake. It is mainly useful when the left or right lights are interrupted by other vehicles.

You can also attach the Thule roof rack system on top of your Leer cap. This will enable you to carry more things in your car. Not only that. You’ll also get more legroom inside.

However, you can also install ARE’s own roof racks on their truck caps too.

Leer Vs ARE: What We Think

If you’re looking for our recommendation, we think both of the caps are excellent. However, you’ll have to consider your options based on the features discussed above. Both Leer and ARE are great in performance, have durability, and have excellent customer feedback.

Take care of your truck cap properly to ensure maximum longevity of your truck cap.

So we can only assure you that whichever brand you choose, you will not regret it. See which model quenches your thirst and get it.


Question: Can I install my Leer cap by myself?

Answer: You can but Leer warrants the caps only if they are installed by authorized dealers. So, it’s better to have them installed by the dealers. This way you won’t have any trouble as well as claim the warranty.

Question: Is a truck cap weatherproof?

Answer: Truck caps are not completely weatherproof. But they are weather resistant. Also, truck caps protect your truck bed from thieves as well as animal attacks.

Question: Do truck caps affect mileage?

Answer: Yes. The truck cap adds some additional weight to your truck. Because of the added weight on the truck, it affects the mileage to some extent.


As we’re here, we hope you’ve already found your winner between Leer vs ARE. Truck caps are almost a necessity nowadays if you’re a wanderer.

Make sure to see if the cap fits your truck properly before buying it. You should use professional help when attaching and detaching truck caps.

Till then, happy driving!