How to Brown a Gun Barrel With Vinegar: Processes and Steps

Is your favorite gun rusting away? It must hurt worse than getting punched in the gut. But save your tears, we’re here to the rescue. Rust has ruined many a good firearm so your willingness to keep it at bay is a smart move.

Wondering how to brown a gun barrel with vinegar?

To brown a gun with vinegar, first, detach your barrel and other steel parts from the gun. You’ll require a liter of vinegar and an air-tight box to keep the barrel in. The barrel will be soaked in vinegar and kept upright in the box.

You see, it’s important to figure out the best solution for browning.  For your ease, we have covered all that there is to know. Let’s jump in.

Is Vinegar a Viable Option to Brown Your Barrel?

Vinegar contains certain forms of acid. This acid helps in the removal of dust from steel and aids the browning process.  For years, gunsmiths have used vinegar to brown metal. So, we can conclude that vinegar is a feasible alternative.

Here, take a look at some great vinegar solutions to brown your rifle’s barrel.

Now you just bought an antique black powder gun. Unfortunately, the condition of the gun is poor and the gun may be rusty. You’re concerned about how to properly care for and brown it. So, how to brown a black powder barrel?

A black powder barrel will need to sand the barrel and bring it to an appropriate finish. Use a degreaser to remove any grease on the barrel. Then block off both sides of the barrel with a piece of wood and dip it in vinegar and water solution.

Reason 1: De-bluing

De-bluing is the process of removing bluing from the metal. Before you apply a new coat of bluing, it is necessary to remove the existing blued layer.

Reason 2: Remove Rust

Browning is done to remove rust from guns. After applying the browning solution, it protects the metal from future rust corrosion. If you don’t deal with it quickly, you’ll find that rust can cause blockages in your shotgun.

Don’t worry if it still sounds complicated. We’ve broken it down and explained it in detail in later parts of the article.

What Type of Solution Works Best for Browning with Vinegar?

There’s a good chance that you have discovered many solutions to barrel browning.

Birchwood Casey Browning Finish

Thinking about buying a browning solution? But you aren’t sure which one to buy. We have covered the Birchwood Casey Plum Brown Barrel Finish for your benefit. It is considered one of the best solutions since it is quick to work and also available everywhere. The fact that the product is cheap is an added bonus.

Birchwood Casey Plum Brown Barrel Finish is easy to apply. The solution must be combined with a liter of vinegar and two liters of water. The solution is easy to use and contains degreasing ingredients. As a result, you can skip the step of de-greasing the metal. Don’t have a gun store nearby, order it online. The Birchwood Casey Browning Solution ranges in price from $5 to $8, depending on size.


Wahkon Bay Tru-Brown

This solution provides a long-lasting, consistent brown finish without heating the barrel. A single bottle will readily brown a barrel and all-metal pieces. You can obtain the best results in a warm, humid environment. So, if you can produce a warm and humid environment, we recommend using the product.

Laurel Mountain Forge Barrel Brown and Degreaser

The Laurel Mountain Forge Barrel Brown & Degreaser is a completely unique browning concept. Through the same simple application, it de-greases and browns metals. This will significantly decrease your workload. The solution cuts through fingerprints, grease, and oil coats to produce an even brown.

Homemade Browning Solution

Have a gun that you intend to brown. You do not, however, want to rely on a commercial product. Might be wondering: Is there any browning solution recipe?

There are numerous DIY browning solution recipes available. A common recipe has nitric acid, blue vitriol, and mixed with distilled water.

Don’t want to use chemicals because you never know what might happen when you’re dealing with them. But here’s the kicker: there’s another browning treatment that doesn’t involve chemicals. The browning solution requires Vinegar and steel wool. We will be covering this one later on in the article.

Homemade Browning Solution Recipe

This is an easy process and you’ll need to get your hands on some easy-to-find chemicals.


The list of materials you need to make the browning solution at home.

  • Liquid detergent
  • 2 gallons of distilled water
  • 1/2 ounce of sweet spirit of niter (4% solution of ethyl nitrite in alcohol)
  • 1/2 ounce potash (potassium carbonate)
  • Hardwood burnisher

Although a few chemicals are named in the ingredients list. They are easy to find and buy and can also be found in household goods.


We’ve collected the necessary ingredients that are going to be used. We’ll now get started on the browning process.

  1. Gather nitric acid, sweet spirit of niter, blue vitriol, and steel tincture. Next, mix it with 32 ounces of distilled water and stir.
  1. Using a dilute detergent solution, you can remove all filth, grease, and oil from the gun barrel.
  1. Using a sponge, you should apply the browning solution to the gun barrel.
  1. After wiping the barrel with the browning solution, try to heat the barrel with an alcohol lamp.
  1. When the barrel is warm to the touch, move the created brown oxide around the barrel with a rough bristle brush.
  1. Repeat the cleaning, heating, and brushing steps until the desired patina is achieved. Then, using a clean sponge and 2 quarts of hot water, rinse the browning solution from the barrel.

The browning process has been broken down for your ease. If you follow the instructions, you’re not likely to face any further issues.

2 Phases of Browning a Gun Barrel with Vinegar

Browning a gun barrel with vinegar is a centuries-old process. Gunsmiths and gun enthusiasts alike still use it for browning and de-bluing.

Phase 1: Gather up the Ingredients

These ingredients will be required to brown a gun barrel with vinegar.

  • Liquid detergent or soap

The products can be easily bought from any store or online. It is very unlikely that you’ll face any problems with collecting the ingredients.

Phase 2: Start the Browning Process

We’ve gathered up the ingredients. Now we’ll start the browning process. But you may have been wondering: How does vinegar brown gun barrel?

Vinegar contains certain acids which help in de-bluing the gun barrel. These acids break down the bluing and speed up the browning process.

Now that we know what we need, let’s jump into the steps.

Step # 1 Cover the Holes

The holes in the barrel will need to be covered to protect the inside using wooden caps. Measure the holes in the barrel and create holes according to the measurements.

Step # 2 Add Vinegar

You should place the barrel in a box in an upright position. Then add the vinegar and keep it there for at least 15 minutes.

Step # 3 Brush Softly

You’ll need to buff it softly with a carding brush. Then continue the rinse and mild brushing process for an hour. After that, you’ll notice that the majority of the rust has been removed.

Step # 4 Neutralize the Vinegar

To remove the vinegar solution from the barrel, you must wash it with dish soap and boiling water. It will neutralize the vinegar solution.

Step # 5 Finish

To finish it off-dry the barrel properly using a towel. Then add a light coat of gun oil to the barrel.

Browned Damascus Barrel

If you’re wondering which gun oil to go for, check out our recommendations-

These are some of the best gun oils out there! Check out their reviews for more!

The instructions have been numbered and broken down into 5 different steps. Finish each one and start upon the next. Try not to avoid any of the steps for a proper finish.

Safety Measures

Make sure to plug the holes on both sides of the barrel to keep the inside from getting wet. Before attempting any new rust-prevention treatment on your rifle barrel. You should test it on a spare steel pipe to see how it reacts to the solution. When working with the browning solution, wear eye protection and chemical-resistant gloves

Are There More Ways to Brown Guns?

Browning solutions can be bought from your nearest gun store.

The Modern Browning Method

Believe it or not, using vinegar to brown a gun barrel is a challenging operation. Know everything about the browning treatment. But still not sure how to brown a gun. Don’t worry, we have covered the Plum Brown Barrel Finish instructions in detail.


The ingredients will need to be collected to brown the gun using the modern browning method.

These ingredients can be bought online or found at your nearest gun store/hardware store.


Once you have collected all the ingredients you’ll need to start working on the making process.

Step # 1 Sand the Barrel

If you want to remove all the surface defects and deformities, sand the barrel with 180 grit paper.

Step # 2 Oil and Close Off the Barrel

Apply gun oil to the insides of the barrel. The barrel should next be sealed on both sides with securely fitted wooden plugs.

Step # 3 Apply Browning Solution

The solution will eliminate all traces of grease and oil, so you won’t need to degrease the barrel. Apply a piece of clean cotton towel to the barrel. Distribute the solution equally. If the temperature is high, three hours should suffice. If the temperature is low, it could take up to 24 hours. Once a good coat of rust has formed, apply a second layer of solution to the barrel.

Step # 4 Scrub the Barrel

Rub the barrel’s surface with a piece of coarse cloth bathed in hot water. After scrubbing the barrel, rinse it with hot water and pat it dry.

Step # 5 Rinse and Repeat

Reapply the browning solution in the same manner. Allow it to operate before scaling the barrel 4 to 5 times more till the appropriate hue is obtained.

The steps mentioned here may seem similar to using other solutions. It is a by-product of browning and you’ll find many more similarities in the future.


Always wear protective gear when dealing with chemicals. Ensure that holes in the barrel are properly blocked with wood or plastic caps. When cleaning guns in general it is necessary to take some precautionary steps.

Our recommended Browning Solution:

Metal Browning Treatment

Metal Browning Treatment is a centuries-old process used by blacksmiths and still continued. This is an alternative method that requires skill and knowledge of metal.

Metal Browning


These ingredients will need to be collected before starting the metal browning treatment.

  • Blow Torch
  • Scalding Brush
  • Nitric Acid
  • Sweet spirits of wine
  • Blue vitriol

These ingredients will be easy to buy online or at any hardware store. Nitric acid can be found in foods that you eat every day.


You can start cooking once you’ve acquired all of the necessary ingredients.

  1. First, any oily contaminants are removed from the barrel by washing it with soap or detergent. The barrel is then fitted with a wooden plug on both ends.
  1. The barrel is hung in the air, then the browning solution applied on the outside using a clean cloth or sponge. After exposing the barrel to air for roughly 24 hours, a thin layer of rust forms on the surface.
  1. Following that, the barrel is “carded,”  with a strong brush to remove the acid. To achieve the required shade of finish, the entire process is done two or three times.

Our advice is that don’t skip any of the steps we’ve mentioned or you won’t get the expected result.


Enhance the temperature of your bathroom to increase humidity.  But make sure to lay a piece of plastic cover on the floor before working on the gun barrel. If your gun is not taken care of, it won’t matter which type of bullet you use.

Short in Time? Try Bluing

We have covered gun barrels and browning them. But here’s the kicker: What is rust bluing?

Rust Bluing is a process for restoring guns and bringing them to their best conditions. It is usually done to keep rust at bay. If you’re short on time, bluing is a good option.

The Best Method of Bluing Guns

Pondering how to go about bluing a gun. A gun barrel can be blued using different methods. Want to know the best one? The one we recommend is hot-bluing a gun barrel.

Blued Gun

If you intend to blue a weapon barrel. Use White Vinegar to remove existing bluing from the gun barrel.


The following materials are required in bluing guns.

  • 7-10 gallon distilled water
  • Sodium nitrate
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Acetone
  • A large pot

These ingredients will be easy to buy online or at any hardware store. The chemicals aren’t too dangerous either.


We have covered the ingredients that are required. The initial process needed to be taken care of before bluing has also been added. Now, you may ask how do I go about bluing my gun barrel?

Step #1 Disassembling

Steel wool should be used to remove any rust. Take the rifle apart from all the way. Anything that isn’t disassembled will have salt melted in it. It may become significantly more difficult to disassemble eventually. You must also remove any springs that you do not want to blue.

Source: Pinterest
Step #2 Soaking and Rinsing

To remove any filth, oil, or grease, parts should be soaked in the bath for 15 minutes and scrubbed while immersed. You can use chemical cleaners such as naphtha, denatured alcohol, and acetone. After a few minutes, rinse the cleaning solution.

Step #3 Immersing

Hot bluing solution is a salt mixture of potassium nitrate and sodium hydroxide. Warm the salt mixture in a metal case, depending on the content of the salt combination. Allow the gun parts to soak in the bluing solution for 15 to 30 minutes.

Step #4 Cold Water Rinsing

To remove the bluing salt, wash the pieces in cold water. Allow for 3 minutes of air drying.

Step #5 Boiling

Keep the gun parts in boiling water to boil any residual bluing solution. Simple pieces should soak for 15 to 20 minutes, whereas complex parts should soak for 45 minutes.

Step #6 Finalizing

Soak the cleaned gun parts in a bath. Soak the components in the oil bath for an hour. After that, you’ll find the gun bluing process completely satisfactory.

The bluing process has been broken down into 6 steps for your ease of reading. Follow them when you’re bluing your gun barrel to avoid unnecessary accidents.


Is Barrel Browning and Bluing the Same?

No, barrel browning and bluing are entirely two different processes.  Although hot bluing has some similarities with Browning they are not the same.

Can I brown my gun barrel with bleach?

Yes, you can bleach your gun barrel to brown it. Heat the barrel until water when dropped sizzles on the barrel. Wear rubber gloves to hold the barrel and dip it in bleach.

Can Urine be used as a browning solution?

Yes, your urine can be used as a browning solution. It requires pretty much the same basic cleaning/heating procedure. You will need to dip the barrel in urine. Then leave it overnight, the more humid the better. Then rinse and scrub with hot water. Follow that with gun oil.


“how to brown a rifle barrel using vinegar” is an excellent question. If you are a gun enthusiast or are thinking about purchasing ancient guns. Overall, the procedure is quite simple. 

What are your thoughts on browning a gun barrel? Do you know any other method to brown a gun barrel? If so, then let us know in the comments.