How Long does Babybel Cheese Last Unrefrigerated? [Suitable for Trips Or Not]

Well, let’s agree on this, there’s nothing like a slice of cheese on bread with ham on a trip. Therefore, most of us as well as our children are adamant to carry cheese like Babybel on trips. However, later a lot of people struggle with preserving it.

Because many of us are unaware of how long these kinds of foods can be unrefrigerated.

So, now you can ask, how long does Babybel cheese last unrefrigerated?

Babybel cheese can last for several hours if kept unrefrigerated. But to extend its shelf life, keeping it in the freezer or refrigerator is recommended. However, with the different types of Babybel cheeses out there chances are that the time may vary. 

There’s a lot more information there you might not know yet. But don’t worry! We got you covered with everything.

Let’s go through the whole article and know more about Babybel cheese.

What Babybel Cheese are we Talking About?


Babybel cheese comes in different types and has been ranked in terms of taste. Babybel has its own versions. And different flavors might have varied shelf life. So, let’s see how many types of Babybel cheese are there.

Have you brought home a packet of Babybel cheese during your run to the supermarket? You might wonder now, “Does Babybel cheese need to be refrigerated?”

Babybel cheese, like most other forms of cheese, must be kept refrigerated. Only a few types of aged, high-quality cheese can be maintained indefinitely without refrigeration. Babybel cheese, on the other hand, can be kept unrefrigerated and eaten at room temperature.

When cheddar cheese isn’t refrigerated, does it go bad?

Cheddar cheese is a kind of hard cheese so it can last for a long time even if not refrigerated. This is true for other types of hard cheese like gouda, swiss, and cheddar.

However, if you have softer cheese like cream cheese then it’s better to refrigerate them. Otherwise, the cheese will go bad.

How Long will Babybel Cheese Last?

Babybel cheese will need to be refrigerated for it to last. If refrigerated, it can last up to 6 months.

If it’s a piece of hard cheese like the Mini Babybel Gouda or Cheddar then it can last up to 7 days unrefrigerated. The shelf life of cheese isn’t much when compared to foods like MRE which can be stored for days on end.

But one downside to MRE is that if the MRE heater stops working then you can’t consume the food.

Do you want to keep cheese safe from bacterias and spoilage? Then don’t keep cheese out for more than four hours.

Which Babybel Cheese has Most Shelf Lives while Backpacking?

Babybel cheese is an excellent choice for backpacking trips. This is owing to the fact that they can be maintained for up to a week without refrigeration. You can take them with you on a trekking or camping trip as snacks.

They are wax and plastic-wrapped, making them more durable than other forms of cheese.

However, if you want extra safety you can use an air-locked tupperware container to preserve your cheese on the go.

So, here are some container suggestions for you that can keep your cheese safe from ruining quickly. Take a look-

However, even with the container don’t forget to check your cheese from time to time. Because sometimes due to high-temperature cheese can melt and get sour easily.

Can you Extend the Shelf Life of Babybel Cheese?

Yes, you can extend the shelf life of Babybel cheese by freezing them. The cheese will also stay good past its expiry date.

Now perhaps you’re not a fan of the fresh stuff and prefer aged cheese. In that case, you may wonder how long babybel cheese is aged?

Babybel cheese isn’t matured for very long. It’s a low-cost, easily transportable cheese prepared with fresh milk and modern techniques.

Attempting to age Babybel cheese is also a bad idea. Because Babybel lacks the essential ingredients found in most aged cheeses. So. trying to age Babybel cheese will result in it becoming rotten.

Cheese’s shelf life is extended by the use of wax. It has traditionally been used to extend the shelf life of cheese. Babybel cheese has a wax coating that can be readily removed.

However, on trips and campaigns, you can use foil paper to preserve your cheese much longer. I’ve most of the time used the Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil. Not only cheese but this foil paper has helped to preserve heavy foods like turkey or hams simply by wrapping the dish.

Some Easy Preservation Tips


Here are some easy tips that you can easily follow to store your cheese for a long time. Hence, you’d not need to be upset because of your rotten cheese in the middle of a trip.

So let’s explore the tips together!

Rub the Cheese with Vinegar 

If you want to store your babybel cheddar cheese without refrigeration then you can use a trick. 

Firstly, you can rub vinegar on the surface of the cheese. After that, dry the cheese out to remove any signs of vinegar.

Second, cloak the cheese with a cheesecloth. But while soaking in white vinegar make sure the cheesecloth is just damp instead of completely wet.

However, only wrapping the cheese in a cheesecloth won’t be enough. You need to add on two more layers of parchment paper or butcher’s paper. After that seal the whole thing with tape.

Once you’re done, you can carry this wrapped cheese for a long journey or campaigning. But make sure you’re keeping it in a dry or cold place.

Keep the Cheese in a Soil Pot

If you’re campaigning then you can use this method for various other usages. A clay pot with half water in it works as a natural refrigerator.

So if you can manage a pot then you can store your cheese in it for a long time. The temperature of the clay pot is useful for preserving foods. 

So, no more worries! Because now you know you can store babybel cheese without freezer just like mayo packets don’t require refrigeration.

How to Tell if the Cheese is Rotten or Not?

Babybel cheese that has gone bad has a few telltale signs. We’ll be going over how to tell if the cheese is rotten or not.

Check for Mold

If you think the cheese has gone bad you’ll need to check for a few things. If it’s a hard cheese check for molds, that may appear around the cheese. If you do find molds, just cut out the moldy spots and consume the rest. Mold usually appears if the cheese is not stored properly.

Are you planning on buying Babybel cheese? But concerned about Babybel cheese causing food poisoning?

You can keep Babybel cheese for several hours in your lunch box to eat as a snack during lunch hours.

If the cheese doesn’t have any bad smells or the texture isn’t too dark, then the cheese is still fresh.

Fresh cheese from Babybel will not cause food poisoning. 

Can you Store Babybel Cheese without Refrigeration?

Like we already know by now, Babybel cheese comes in wax covering. This helps to increase shelf life. But in general cases, it is safe to store Babybel cheese through refrigeration. Hard cheese from Babybel can last for a week or more.

Waxed cheese wheels should be stored in a refrigerator once they’ve been cut. This helps the cheese maintain its flavor and texture by inhibiting mold growth. In the refrigerator, an opened wheel of cheese will last three to four weeks. They can be frozen for up to six months and remain edible. 

However, if you do wish to carry a portable mini-fridge in your RV, we might have something for you. 


Have you read through the entire article regarding Babybel cheese? If you still have some confusion about storing Babybel cheese don’t worry we’ve answered the most common questions.

Is it Possible to Freeze Babybel Cheese?

To extend the shelf life of Babybel cheese, it can be frozen. After they’ve passed their expiration date, you can store them in the freezer.

Can Babybel Cheese Stay Unrefrigerated?

Mini Babybel, like most cheeses, should be kept refrigerated. It can, however, be kept at ambient temperature for several hours without being refrigerated. It can also be kept in a lunch box for those hours.

How to Eat Babybel Cheese?

Take off the plastic and wax wrappers. Although the wax is edible, it is not recommended that it be consumed. Don’t worry if you eat the wax; it won’t hurt you. Babybel cheese can be eaten with snacks or other foods.

How long will Cheese last Backpacking?

If you’ll be hiking for several days in temps above 90 degrees. Then you should probably leave the cheese at home. However, in milder climates, these cheeses can stay up to two weeks on a hiking trip.

What if the Cheese is left out Overnight?

When left out in the open air, especially in a warm environment, the cheese will dry out and become crusty and crumbly. Bacterial growth is unlikely to be abundant after eight hours on a cheeseboard. However, it will not appear appetizing to consume.

Bottom Line

Have you wondered for some time, “How long does Babybel cheese last unrefrigerated?”

Babybel cheese can be kept unrefrigerated. But if you want to extend the shelf life it’s better to store it in the refrigerator or freezer.

After reading through the entire article on Babybel cheese and its life cycle did you have some additional thoughts. Let us know in the comments.