Best Can for Ski-Doo 850: Time for a Smoother Ride

Let’s start this article with a fact. Actually, it’s quite possible to run a snowmobile without a can. But still, people rarely do that. Then why are people opting for good cans for their snowmobile? Why is it important?

But it’s quite natural to wonder why wasting time on a thing that can be neglected completely. Well, have patience, eventually, you’ll get a complete idea about the best can for Ski-Doo 850. 

As a matter of fact, a good can for Ski-Doo can enhance response and really make a difference. So splitting out cans from your ski-doo 850 won’t be the best decision. It’s better to analyze the products and pick one that suits your needs. 

To help you in this regard, here we have gathered our research-based takeaways.

Moreover, the list of best picks will help you choose the best product for your snowmobile. 

Types of Can for Ski-Doo 850 

Basically, there is no certain classification of Ski-Doo. But according to some features, we can divide them into two types. One is the regular type that is perfect for running on the trails. 

The other type is the racing type that is for professional racing. It is made with the ability to create more sound than the regular one. Running an extremely loud can is widely hated by other skiers and landowners. 

Hence the one suitable for trailing usually creates a bit lower sound. On the other hand, the racing cans can make an increased sound. Moreover, cans are also related to weight reduction. 

So choosing a comparatively efficient one that can effectively minimize more weight is preferable for racing. But regular users don’t usually opt for speed. So diminishing less weight and the lower speed is okay for regular running. 

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Can?

For any product, choosing a compatible component is important. Consequently, the question comes, why? If the chosen can isn’t compatible with your snowmobile, the chances are that it will backfire. 

Choosing the wrong can that is not compatible with the snowmobile has a high chance of decreasing the power. A lot of sleds have even lost around 5 Hp due to this.

So let us explain a bit more on this to understand exactly what happens when your can doesn’t fit with the snowmobile. So the engine of snowmobiles is designed with a specific mechanism. 

More precisely, they need a specific amount of backpressure. The perfect can with the required length and width ensures that the unburned fuel is pushed back. So the fuel waste can be controlled. 

But when you choose a can that doesn’t have the appropriate length and diameter, the problem starts. The pressure wave will no longer hit that unburned fuel of your engine to push it back into the cylinder.

Hence the unburnt fuel can exit the exhaust easily. This becomes a reason for lousy gas mileage, less power, and more pollution.

Moreover, it causes a lean condition which has serious consequences. 

Are you looking forward to getting to know them? Well, a lean condition is a reason for creating heat to melt holes in your pistons.

As a whole, using the wrong can will cause you to sacrifice the reliability of your snowmobile. 

This was a short comparison. Take a look at the graph below to decide which one you should go for. This should help you out on your buying decision-

MBRP Trail Series Performance Exhaust: More About the Product

As our first product, we have the MBRP Trail Series Performance Exhaust. This is one of the finest products of this type. Making loud noises is a reason for our annoyance. 

But this is the very reason why snow trailers use a snowmobile, right? So considering the loudness, this product is one of the best in the market. This is arguably better than all the other products that we have listed here. 

Oh, there’s one more thing that we find nice about this product. That is, it has a thoughtful sound control system. As a result, the users can make it quieter when he wants to, and by squeezing it, they can make it loud again. 

Even though they claim that this particular product has the easiest installation. But we think it’s not just as efficient as they assert. But this is good enough and doesn’t require any extra hassle regarding installation. 

Some users find its outlook very catchy and are quite happy with its service. We think their service isn’t extraordinary but quite decent, that we can agree. Moreover, it has a great throttle response. 

Besides, it has a good weight reduction which is a plus point. But definitely, it is not the best one in this regard. Our third product is way better than this at reducing weight.

As a whole, the ability to create around 88 decibels sound and the overall performance, this product is quite decent. It fits very well, so cookies point for this attribute. So giving it a try won’t be much unwise, we believe. 

Things That Need Improvement

  • They could have reduced the weight of this product. As a lighter exhaust can help to move the snowmobile faster, hence a lighter weight is always preferable. You can check the second and fourth products if you are looking for some lighter cans. 
  • It could have fit with Ski-Doo 850 even better. A good fit is something professionals always look for. In this regard, the second and third products are better than this one. 

GGB Exhaust Ski-Doo 850 Mountain Can: More About the Product

So it’s time we uncover another good quality product that we have next on our list. The product name is GGB Exhaust Ski-Doo 850 Mountain Can. It’s not just as great in loudness as our previous product, but still a good one. 

Loudness is precisely the major thing a user expects from a snowmobile can. This one isn’t the best pick for you in this particular case. You can try out the previous product that we discussed before. 

So apparently, the best thing about this product is its lightweight. It is incredibly slender. As a result, adding this won’t add much weight to your whole Ski-Doo 850. 

Moreover, the lightweight will help not to reduce the overall snowmobile speed. Besides, it is decent at reducing the vehicle’s weight as well. This thing ultimately ensures that the vehicle gains some extra speed than usual. 

But being honest, in the case of weight reduction, this product isn’t even as good as most others that we have listed. Our next product is quite the best one in this regard. Even our previous product would reduce more weight than this.

Next up, we would like to credit the manufacturers for maintaining good quality control. This product is well-built. Though its throttle response isn’t the best one in our eyes. 

But we think it is quite good in service. The ease of installation of this product also makes it a goof pick. It’s easy and doesn’t require much time or energy. But one thing that deserves appreciation is its secure fit. 

This is one of the best things about this product that we could find. As a whole, even though we think, to some point, this product has over-promised to its users. But in the case of service, this product is a satisfactory one. 

Things That Need Improvement

  • This product is loud but doesn’t come with good sound control, unlike our first product. So better if good sound control is added. Without any control, it creates excessive noise that might annoy others, mostly skiers. 
  • A better throttle response would be much appreciated. Our fourth product can be a very good pick if you consider this aspect. 

GGB Exhaust Ski-Doo 850 Trail Can: More About the Product

So, we are halfway through our list of selected products. Moving on to our next product, the Ski-Doo 850 Trail Can By GGB Exhaust. Comparatively, this product isn’t as good as the others on our list in terms of loudness. 

But that’s not always a bad thing. Even though loudness is the prime factor of choosing a snowmobile can. But normally, trail cans are a bit less loud than the racing ones. So this product will be perfect for regular uses. 

Hence, the ‘not so loud’ thing is one of the major characteristics of this product that makes it particularly good for a certain type of use. Also, to add more here, this product is considered ‘neighborhood friendly’ for making lesser noise. 

Let us proceed forward. Next up, we can take some moments to praise its incredible weight reduction. Apart from making sounds, the other major work that a snowmobile can do is reduce weight to ensure a smoother ride. 

This product is particularly good at it. Also, the easy installation is just a cherry on the top. Moreover, it is easy and secure to fit right in its place. So as a whole, quite a good product to consider for your Ski-Doo 850. 

As a whole, this product is an average quality product with satisfactory service. But it is not widely loved because of its lower sounds. Even though it’s annoying for a group of people, but some users opt for louder noises. 

Things That Need Improvement

  • A more detailed installation guideline would make the whole installation process even handier. In case of ease of installation, our first pick is a good pick, no doubt about that.  

MBRP Complete Systems: More About the Product

This time, we have another product from MBRP. yeah, our first pick was from the same brand as well. Obviously, this one is not the best out there, but quite a decent one that ticks most of the boxes of a satisfactory can. 

Considering the loudness and the throttle response, this deserves praise. It is even better at creating loud noise than our previous product. And the weight range is also quite good. 

The loud noise makes it a good pick, as most snowmobile riders prefer to create a higher sound pitch. Oh, btw, if you have multiple snowmobiles, this can be a good pick. Because it suits perfectly with Dyno snowmobile. 

And the manufacturer claims that these two products together can increase the HP. So if you have two of these vehicles, this would be a money-saving option as you can use it on both. 

But one thing that we indeed found very poor of this product is its shortcoming in weight reduction. This is arguably the second most important feature we consider before picking our product. 

And, honestly speaking, this product isn’t much great at this aspect. But the ease of installation makes it a good one. Especially newbies who struggle with installation will find this helpful. 

As a whole, we won’t say this is a good quality product. But we would say that this is an average one. So giving it a try won’t be a bad decision, as per our research. 

Things That Need Improvement

  • A secure fit is something that is considered to be an important factor of a good quality snowmobile can. This product lacks in this particular regard. Our second and third products will be the best picks if you’re looking for a secure fit. 

Starting Line Products SLP Lightweight Muffler: More About the Product

So, we have reached the end of our list of good snowmobile cans. Let’s end this with an overall satisfactory product. The product name is Starting Line Products SLP Polished Silver Ceramic Lightweight Muffler for Ski-Doo 850.

First thing first, the loudness of this product isn’t top-notch, but much better than our last two products. It is very well-designed, arguably the most good-looking snowmobile can on our list. This product is eye-catchy since it’s made of polished silver and coated with ceramic. 

But the best thing about this product is its capability to reduce weight. It can reduce around 6.9 lbs of weight. Yeah, that’s a pretty large number for snowmobile weight reduction.  

This fantastic feature ensures that the snowmobile provides a smoother ride. In this regard, this product is the fittest one on our list. The loudness is also satisfactory, almost as good as our previous product. 

The ease of installation is also praiseworthy. And the throttle response is very active, honestly quite impressive. Comparatively, not as good as the previous one, but pretty decent. 

But this product is a bit heavyweight for its service. As we know, snowmobile cans should be lightweight, this product has failed in this regard. But overall, it’s pretty likable as a snowmobile can. 

Things That Need Improvement

  • This product is a bit too heavyweight for its service. Our second and fourth products are much better in this regard. Some advancement here would enhance the overall quality of this product. 

Is it True That Snowmobile Cans Can Hurt a Motor?

Well, there have been some debates about it. Some users strongly believe that cans are just a waste of money. Some are even more against it, labeling it a harmful component for the snowmobile. 

So what they mainly focus on is the failure in sound expansion. Even though increasing the sound is one of the plus points of a snowmobile can, at times, they fail at it. Hence they are completely against it.

Moreover, some believe that can have little to do with weight reduction. Using a better power source and full exhaust can do this job better than cans. So they prefer avoiding it. 

On top of that, some users believe that cans are way too pricey for the service that they offer. Hence, many snowmobile users don’t like using a snowmobile can. 

But that in no way means that cans are harmful to snowmobiles. They mightn’t be reasonable and the best thing to add, but they don’t have any adverse effects. So need not worry about the possible harms and effects that cans might have on your sled. 

Are Cans Worth It?

It’s pretty normal to have queries like what a snow can is or what does it do? It’s pretty much understandable to wonder whether they are worth it or not. So to clear out all the confusion, here we talked about whether it is worth the try. 

So snowmobile cans aren’t something that can change the performance of your Ski-Doo 850. But they can surely enhance the overall performance.

In most cases, they reduce weight which eventually gives you some advantages. 

Now, as you can understand, they primarily impact the sound system. They increase the sled’s sound, and this feature has both pros and cons. The increased sound might be an exciting thing. 

It helps to locate snowmobiles during snowstorms or blizzards. Some users love this expanded sound, but this is not exactly a good thing. On one hand, it is terrible for the environment.

Moreover, it annoys skiers, and they complain about it.

As a result, the event of closing trails has happened several times. But the increasing sound is just a straightforward thing that a can is capable of doing. There are other advantages as well that a snowmobile can assure. 

The best of them is its capability of minimizing weight. They can effectively reduce the weight of the snowmobile. This gives the snowmobile some extra power to run with even better speed and action. 

So even though a snowmobile can doesn’t necessarily help gain HP, they enhance the performance differently. It works as a response enhancer, which helps run the snowmobile even better.  

So even though you can run your snowmobile without adding a can. And this is not necessarily obligatory for smooth-running, so you can just avoid it. But it has amazing advantages to offer, so giving it a try is always worth it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much HP does a Ski-Doo 850 have?

Ski-Doo 850 maintains a 40-HP advantage over naturally aspirated 850-cc engines as altitude increases.

Moreover, this is one of the most responsive snowmobiles. Hence it needs to generate good horsepower to maintain the performance. Typically it generates a full 165 HP. This helps it to climb 8000 feet. 

Is Ski-Doo better than Polaris?

In a sense, yes, Ski-Doo is better than Polaris. Firstly, because they are a tad bit wider and tend to offer a better working platform. 

Moreover, they are designed to hang up better in the snow. On the other hand, Polaris boards are narrower. This helps them to glide better. But as a whole, performance-wise, Ski-Doo is better. 

Can a snowmobile go 100 mph?

Yeah, it’s basically the average speed. Some snowmobiles are even better than this. They can get up to 150 mph. Ski-Doo 850 has a top speed of 118 mph. But for beginners, it’s better to run snowmobiles with a speed range of 80 mph to 100 mph. More than this might cause mishaps. 


So that was all from our side. Hopefully, this helps you to find the best can for ski-doo 850

Even though we don’t think environmentally using cans is a good idea. But then again, it has some pros alongside the cons. So sort your needs and choose a can for your Ski-Doo 850. 

Wishing you a good experience with your snowmobile. Have a great time in the snow. Best of luck.