Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Problems

As a shotgun enthusiast, you must be using an SBE 3. It is the full redesign of the Super Black Eagle platform. Is the shell being stuck in your gun? If it is, we understand you might be facing several issues with your gun.

So, what are the Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Problems?

Benelli super black eagle 3 problems include failure to feed, double jamming. You can also face carbon accumulation or rusting. There are many fixes to this. They include cleaning, changing the magazine spring or reassembling gun parts. But the application process differs from method to method. 

So, how to solve these problems? Don’t worry. We’ve discussed all the problems with proper fixes. We’ve also added 7 steps for your handy use and maintenance.

But before diving right in, you should have some knowledge about an EU shotgun. To know more, let’s jump into the next section.

Do you know that EU Guns are different?


An EU shotgun operates differently from the American ones. The firing mechanism of the EU shotgun is different.

Firstly,  when the bullet is fired, the rearward fires the shell and forces the slide backward. When the shell fires, the bullet travels out of the barrel. A claw-like extractor pulls the case out of the chamber, ripping backward. The ejector forces out away from the extractor clearing the gun. 

The slides move backward and a recoil spring builds energy to stop the motion of the slide. It forces the motion in the opposite direction. The slide comes forward and picks an unfired shell forcing it out of the magazine into the chamber.

The slide locks into the forward position, the gun is cocked, and the gun is ready to fire once more. You simply need to pull the trigger one more time to restart the sequence.

Pump VS Semi-automatic shotgun

Shotguns have become quite popular these days. They come in a dozen different configurations and operation styles. But the two main serious configurations are the – pump and semi-automatic shotgun

Both the guns are quite different. Semi-autos don’t require the shooter to slide his forearm as pumps do. This enables speedier follow-ups for most beginning shooters. On the contrary, pump-action shotguns are more dependable than semiautomatic shotguns. 

When it comes to bird hunting, semi-autos are superior for follow-up shots. But if you miss the initial shot, your chances of hitting the target are slim.

Holding mechanism of SBE 3

Most people find European shotguns problematic. When it comes to accuracy, sight alignment and trigger control are pretty crucial.

The most common reason for the malfunction of SBE is loose grip. It’s also known as “limp wristing”. Just an improper grip can make the mechanical action fail.

If the gun slips from the hand of the shooter, the slide moves partway to the rear. It causes a short stroke instead of moving fully to the rear of the slide rail. For this gun fails to operate.

On an SBE 3, the trigger should be controlled differently than on a revolver. It is fired using the tip, rather than the whole finger used for lengthier triggers.

To accomplish the lengthier trigger pull, you may require the power of your entire finger. You should have some practice with the gun and get to know how to use the trigger.

The most essential thing you can do is practice. Fire frequently in a safe place like a range, and focus on developing your abilities.

You can definitely use a target stand or hoops in this case. Also, don’t forget to use shooting glasses and protection earmuff as well. And guess what you don’t even need to look for them because we’ve got you the best recommendation list. Take a look and start practicing today!

You should not simply be squeezing the trigger and burn the ammo. This exercise may one day save your life.


Your Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 (SBE 3) can run into many problems depending on its use and condition. You need to know what to look at and how to fix them. If you are a good observer, you will go halfway through the road.

Other than that, your reflex and basic repair knowledge are all you need. We have sorted the Benelli Super Black  Eagle 3 problems and solutions to shotgun failure.

Without making any delay, let’s get into the problems. 

Problem #1: Blockage due to Rust and Dirt

Well, jamming occurs for a combination of different reasons. Due to jamming, you may fall into a different set of consequences. Be it failure to reload, trigger not working, or cycling issues.

The first precondition to solving these issues is the gun to be clean. There are several reasons which can cause the shotgun to jam. 

So, to stop the shotgun from jamming, we need to clean the SBE 3 


For any kind of blockage, the immediate solution is to clean your SBE 3. To properly clean your gun, the steps are given below:

Things you will need:

Here we’ve listed items you’ll need to clear the blockage. They’re all things that you can easily access. 

Got your hands on all of them? Let’s jump into the steps. 

Step 1 of 5 Disassemble

Firstly, start by unloading the gun. Now take that unloaded gun by removing the round from the chamber.

Next, unscrew the cap and remove the end of the magazine. Pull out the wooden forend and remove the barrel. This can be done by applying a little force. This is known as “field stripping” the gun.

Inspect the primer carefully on the defective round. If you see a shallow mark on the primer, the gun is maybe dirty and the firing pin has carbon buildup. For this, thorough cleaning is required 

Step 2 of 5 Cleaning the gun

You need to spray detergent gun oil from 10-12 inches away inside the barrel as a quick clean. You can brown the gun barrel for a smoother experience. You can also use an active solvent instead of oil.

Now place the gun horizontally and let it soak in the products. Take a damp cloth with gun oil and clean all the parts of the receiver, especially the hammer and firing pins. Take a 4-5cm long nylon brush and use it to clean the small edges. Deep clean the break-action hinge pins.

Step 3 of 5 Cleaning the springs

Inspect and clean the springs inside the gun. If your gun is dumped into moisture and water, the spring may have rust. To access the tube, you’ll have to take the stock off. To remove the nut that holds the spring in place, it’s put the receiver in a cushioned vice. 

You may need to heat up the nuts a bit to open them with a propane torch. The spring is held in place by a little bar that goes through the tube. Holding your hand over the tube, carefully push that out.

If required, clean the spring and tube, and replace them.

Step 4 of 5 Lubrication

Lubricate the unlocking lever, release the pins and ejector. You also need to lubricate the extractor mechanism and internal guides on the bolt sides. 

For carbon buildup, you can use carbon copper remover on the points. Then let it soak and wipe off with a towel.

Step 5 of 5 Reassemble

Reassemble the gun. Make sure that all of the rings and pistons are in the proper sequence and facing the appropriate way. Finish by wiping down the outside surfaces with a lightly oiled cloth.

Problem #2: Double Feeding


Two shells released together from the magazine at the same time cause a jam. You see, the line of the floor of the receiver gets blocked locking the bolt. 

Now, double feeding also occurs when two shells stack up on one another. You can solve it by clearing out the blockage with an easy fix.

Fix 1 

To turn the gun’s open action port down, you have to shake the bolt. The gravity will do its work and clear the jam If it does not work, you need to release pressure.

To do that, pull the action back with one hand while catching the most exposed shell with your index finger. Tug it out with the other hand. It’s easier to see what’s going on and solve the problem when you can see it. 

With experience, you can feel what’s going on and fix it even when you can’t see it. Try it out for yourself a few times.

Fix 2 

Try to see inside the gun loading port. If you detect two shells in a row, first open the action entirely with your right hand. Ease pressure on the shells. Next, push the rearmost shell down with your left thumb. This is to make room on the rim of the forward shell. 

Then, with your thumb, slide the rim of the shell. This is the shell poking out of the mag tube. The action should then be released, chambering the rear shell. Push it into the tube. During this movement, you may break a nail, but it will grow back. 

Problem #3: Failure to Feed

One of the problems of SBE 3  is the failure to feed. This happens when the cartridge is not entirely seated in the chamber. As a result, the slide closes partially and doesn’t lock into the rear of the chamber. This condition is said that the pistol is “out of battery”.

For this, make the guide rod for the slide stick out of the front of the gun. This makes a failure to feed.


Feed failure usually occurs due to bad magazine springs, dirty magazines, or improperly seated magazines. To fix this, we need to reassemble the magazine of the shotgun. Make sure the bullets have been stored properly to prevent any damaged bullets.

Now, let’s get into the step-by-step process.

Be careful:

When working on the gun, it’s advisable to use fake ammo for safety. Don’t forget to test the shells you’ll be using later.

Things needed

The steps needed are given below:

Step 1 of 5 Disassemble

First, unscrew the entire magazine rube from the receiver. I use the Kaisi driver kit to do all the unscrewing stuff effortlessly.

After unscrewing, remove the barrel and wrap the magazine with friction tape. After that, cover the tape with vinyl electrician’s tape.  This gives protection and bulk. Whereas, the vinyl tape adds tension to help in gripping.

Step 2 of 5 Remove the Magazine Tube

The receiver on the gun and magazine tube is metal-made. So when heated, these expand at different rates. You need to use a heat gun to heat the receiver. You also need to do the same with the magazine tube. A propane torch can also be used instead. Be careful in using heat.

The heat expands the metal and breaks the steel. Now you can easily open the magazine tube and unscrew it. 

Step 3 of 5 Remove blockage

You can open the screw out of the gun. Carefully inspect the inside of the tube. If you see any grease or blockage, clean it as per Problem 1 fix. If not, you can replace the spring with a new one.

The aim is to be able to load the maximum number of shells the cannon can store. Then add another roughly a third of the way through.

Step 4 of 5 Adjust spring

Once the spring is installed, load the magazine. Dummy ammo is used here. Hold the gun standing and push the spring against gravity. 

At least two complete magazines of ammunition should be cycled through the pistol. All shells should feed consistently and without fail.

Step 5 of 5 Reassemble the gun

Bend the spring for the last quarter-inch. This method ensures that it does not snag within the gun. It will also stop the remainder of the spring from compressing.

Reassemble the gun. Place the bent end of it at the top of the magazine tube. Test the gun using dummy rounds.

Problem #4: Failure to Eject


Failure to eject means that after a fire, the empty case doesn’t eject fully from the chamber. It is also known as “stovepipe malfunction”.

This happens when the case is stuck and prevents the slide from returning to the battery. It can happen due to a weak grip. Also if the slide does not fully cycle, it can happen.


With your left hand, hold the shotgun loading port facing you. The back of your right palm will be just below the pinky finger on the bolt handle. Forcefully whack the bolt in a rearward position. For this, momentum is needed to outperform inertia. 

You can slam the gun’s end on the ground while pulling the bolt handle. Be careful if your gun does not have a recoil pad. This is because it may crack the bottom of your gun. 

Allow the force to travel with your right hand as you hit the butt against the ground. This will put all of the downward momenta on the bolt. To improve the skill, practice on grass or carpet a few times.


The fundamental cleaning of your shotgun is done daily. The major goals are keeping the firearm operational and preventing rust. It is not difficult to finish and generally takes around five minutes. At the very least, you should perform the following:

  • Keep the gun unloaded and field strip it. 
  • Use a cleaning rod like Tipton 1-Piece Deluxe and proper bronze brush like McJ bronze bore brush to clean the bore. Wipe all metals with an oily rag
  • Using too much gun oil can leach in woods. This will soften the wood. So use a light coating of oil where required.
  • Use compressed air to blow out the trigger. I always use the Svinkal Air Duster to air blow the trigger instantly. Also, this will leave the proper amount of lubricant on the trigger and remove excess oil
  • Oil the gun after buying. This will make the gun work smoothly. 
  • Use the right size of shell, magazine, and ammo.
  • The gun should be taken to a gunsmith quarterly. By this, any unknown risk can be mitigated. 

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily resolve the problems with your Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 problems.


Can Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 shoot slugs?

Yes, The Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 can shoot a slug. It is a hunting classic, known for its dependability in all weather conditions. Plus it comes with unique recoil-reduction features. For years, the SBE-3 has been the go-to shotgun for waterfowlers and upland bird hunters. A rifled-slug variant is also available for big-game hunters.

Does SBE 3 shoot high?

Yes, SBE 3 can shoot high. POI is measured at a distance of 21 yards, and anything between 0 and 120mm (4.8 inches) is considered acceptable. At 40 yards, that translates to roughly 9 inches high, which is about an 80/20 pattern. They’ve also tweaked the tolerances on the barrel stop nut on the magazine tube. This keeps the POI within spec, lowering the likelihood of getting an 80/20 rifle.

What chokes come with SBE 3?

SBE 3 comes with an extended modified choke tube. It is standard on these barrels. The barrels also come with a red fiber optic sight and a midrib sight bead.


That is all from us. As you have come this far, we have an added tip just for you

If you want to increase the life of your shotgun, regularly wipe the gun dry after use. That is all from us on Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 problems.

Do you have any quarries? Let us know in the comment section below. Till then, have a good day!