Are Konus Scopes Any Good: Let’s Find Out!

If you are a hunting enthusiast, you need a scope for your rifle. But getting a good one at a reasonable price can be a long journey. Konus is a well-known brand in the world of scopes, binoculars, and telescopes. But are konus scopes any Good?

Well, no fuss hunters who are looking for foundation-quality scopes would love Konus. They have a full metal body with decent accuracy and imaging. With the help of these scopes, you can cut your cake and eat it too. Not just that, the price you will be paying is worth the penny. Their various models also come with digital night vision with multicolored displays.

Are you still confused? We are here for you. All the details have been discussed below. So without any further delay, let’s go to the next part.

Konus Scopes Any Good?

Yes, Konus Scopes are famous for over 30 years for their high-quality scopes. They provide European-designed scopes, especially for hunters and shooters. Alongside, they also have provided a lifetime replacement warranty for their American users.

Konus Scopes have various models that are mostly known for their price range. They have models for rifles, pistols having features like night view and field range.

As I said already, these scopes offer various models for hunting and shooting enthusiasts. Like the KonusPro 4×32 mm has a field of view of 8.8 m. It has a 30-30 engraved reticle and a lens of 4x32mm. 

The models of Konus scopes are made waterproof and shockproof for maximum usage. They also come with multicoated optics that are nitrogen purged. Not only this, they gave finger adjustable windage and adjustments for elevation.

So, if you ask me, buying one would be a total win for you. But do compare the models when you get one.

Specifications: Sneak Peek

Before we jump into the details, let’s take a look at the specifications. By this, you will have a brief idea about the main keys you are looking for in your scope.

ReticleEngraved Ballistic
LensMulticoated Optics
Eye Relief3”/76mm
Magnification 3-8x
Length11-13.7 inches


Scopes can vary for models of your gun. Here, we have listed the best ones for your Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 Mag. Okay, now enough of the surface-level talks. Let’s see the details of what the Konus Scopes are worth doing.


The 30/30 reticle of Konus is something that needs to be mentioned separately. It is a reticle that has a duplex style with a central crosshair. This can be used to forecast the range roughly.

The magnification of the scope is 4x. This means the central gap between the heavy post of the horizontal crosshair is about 30 inches at 100yards. By this, we also get that this would be 90 inches in 300 yards.

The reticle is designed to encompass an average-sized person’s torso for North American buck deer. Especially at 100 yards. For 200 yards, it would fit in the half of the central gate. Similarly, for 300 yards, the buck would be about one-third fraction of the area.

The reticle is very simple to use in the field especially for sub 150 yards.  If you are a skilled shooter, you can easily get a good sneak onto a coyote with these scopes.


The Konus are available in different power ranges. They have fixed powers, illuminated zooming powers, and other models with reticles. 

The eyepiece has an American-style focus. This means it has multiple turns of an ocular bell and a locking ring holds the bell when focused. The scopes are manufactured in Italy.

Compared with the price, the optics is surprisingly good. They also create a clear image with a good edge-to-edge resolution. Not only this, the optical aberration is adjustable and has no flare-related issues.

The lenses are multi-coated to maximize light transmission. Also, the picture quality while gazing through the scope is decent. The lens also produces a nice bright picture from edge to edge. It will perform well in comparison to other scopes in its class


The Konus Scopes are designed for extending the shooting range and to improve your accuracy in risky shots. It will give you several aiming points based on centerfire and black powder loads.

The aiming points are set corresponding to different distances to increase your target of accuracy. Not just this, it has shown lateral harsh marks. This allows the reticles to compensate for the strong crosswinds in case it occurs. 

Their multicoated lenses are designed for clear and bright image formation. Some models have digital night vision modes for better accuracy at night.  

Parts and Accessories

Konus is most known for its rifle scopes. But not just these, they are also best at manufacturing binocular and spotting scopes. 

One of their best spotting scopes is Konuspot 70. It is designed with a versatile zooming power. It is the best choice for hunters. This model also has an accessory tripod which is an attraction for bird enthusiasts. There are a variety of models that come with a tripod, camera adapter, and carrying case.

Here are some of the accessories that come with the scopes and would make your shooting experience smoother.


The scopes have coated optics and a body of metal construction. Most of the Konus models have a tactical-styled engraved reticle. These are known as the etched glass used for durability. 

These scopes are designed keeping military scopes in mind, So they can survive through extreme weather conditions. In addition, they are also shockproof with a durable black matte finish.

The konus scopes also have windage that is finger adjustable and have adjustments for elevation. 


Konus offers one of the best optical warranties available. Every Konus product shows to have a manufacturing flaw. It is covered by a lifetime replacement policy, not a repair policy. 

But only the digital night vision models which are quite expensive have a 2 years product warranty. Even though, it is said that the night vision ones are still of great quality. If you want to go for one of these, you can check out the Konus 7298 Rifle Scope.


Are konus pro scopes any good?

Yes, they are enough for hunting in the real world. They are recoil proof and have an etched reticle. They also are adjustable for 15 yards to 200 + yards.

Who are the manufacturers of konus rifle scopes?

Konus Optics is an Italian company that has been producing optical equipment for over 30 years. They include rifle scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes, and a variety of other devices.


That is all from us on Konus Scopes Any Good. Overall, the Konus scopes appear to be a good value for the small outlay required. They appear to be usable scopes at a reasonable price. So, if you are looking for a scope on budget, definitely go for them.

For any further queries, do comment below. Till then, good day!