About SurviveWild

We trekked at Annapurna Mountain Range, Nepal

Who We Are?

Hi, we’re Saleh and Munim- the team behind SurviveWild.

Munim is a marketing graduate, and an adventure Enthusiast for years. associated with The Quest– an Adventure and Expedition community. And Saleh is a blog marketer, working on a tech startup that creates value-driven content and promotes via SEO.

We work on separate industries professionally. But that one blood we share is- thrust for adventures!

As survivalists, the craziest thing that we’ve done lately is- get hung on a hammock 300 ft above the ground. Including that, some of our other recent adventures look like this-

What Are We Trying to Do with SurviveWild.com?

Well, wilderness and survival seem all fun and thrill, until it happens. We’ve gone through a mountain of struggles as beginner campers and came out of them in a hard way. And trust us, we don’t want anybody else to lack the helping hand that we did in our early years of excursions.

That’s the reason why we(Saleh and Munim) decided to put both of their skills in the blend. We mean, Munim comes up with ideas for content, and Saleh creates the contents, puts them up on the blog, and draws the attention of the people concerned.

Together, we’re planning to create value-driven, SEO-friendly contents that can help outdoor enthusiasts across the world.