Top 6 Best SITKA Jacket: Which One Should You Buy?

If you’re thinking about hunting gear, a jacket tops the list of your priorities. Or at least it should.

Although the brand works on multiple types of hunting gear, the jacket department is their strong suit. And that’s probably why you’ve stumbled across our page.

Well, we were adamant enough to try out twenty different SITKA jackets. Then we picked the top 6. So if you’re done with the article, you can pick the best SITKA jacket for you.

Don’t worry. We tried our hardest to keep things simple so that you could make the best buying decision. So let’s head into the main part.

Top 6 Best SITKA Jackets in 2022

Well, that was the short comparison. If you’re not convinced, here’s a more visual representation of how the jackets stack up against each other-

With the comparisons out of the way, let’s get into the reviews-

1. SITKA Men’s Quiet Gore-Tex Hunting Jacket: More About the Jacket

While this isn’t the most expensive thing on the list, it’s right up there. 

We think this is a good choice because of the available options. They are kind enough to add six different sizes. 

The jacket hit the top spot on our list. And we even went hunting with this. If you want our opinion, well, the fabric might seem a bit too loud.

And you probably know how important it is for you to stay absolutely silent while hunting. So the slight creaking noises will most certainly scare deer off.

Apart from the weird creaking noises, this is decent. We went through the woods and a dense forest. The branches sticking out did not cut holes into the jacket. So props to the durability.

But it’s a shame that you don’t get a hood or a headpiece with this one. We think they could have been kind enough to throw in a cap or a hood with this. But that’s just how it is. 

Things That Can Improve:

  • A slight creaking noise exists. If this bothers you, you can pick the next one on the list.
  • You don’t get any hood or headpiece with this one. So you can pair this with a decent cap if you really want the head coverage. 

2. SITKA Men’s Stratus Hunting Jacket: More About the Jacket

Coming in at second place, we have SITKA’s Stratus Hunting Jacket. And this is particularly similar to the first one. This Elevated ii color carries over to this jacket as well.

But this also offers a second color variant. So that’s nice to see. Especially because you only get one color option on the first one. 

And just like the first on the list, this is made from fleece. So there is a certain durability aspect to this one. You won’t see the same treatment across all of these. 

You do, however, get this at a slightly reduced price point compared to the first one. While they do claim a high water repellant seam-seal, we think it’s not fully resistant.

So this won’t be enough to keep you completely dry, especially during the rain. 

There are a few unique features on this one, though. the hood/headpiece that you get on this is not present on the other ones. So there’s that. 

And you also get the “harness-pass-through” in it. So you can guess that this was made keeping the survival aspect in mind. 

Things That Can Improve:

  • This lacks the durability of the Berber fleece like the first one. If this seems concerning to you, pick the first choice without hesitation. 

3. SITKA Gear Merino Heavyweight Half-Zip: More About the Jacket

If you wanted a bit of variation on the list, here you go.

The SITKA Gear Merino jacket is the only half-zip style jacket on our shortlist. And they allow you to pick among three colors. All of them belong to some other shade of the camouflaged segment. 

We got the Timber color option, and the team well appreciated the snakeskin-style design. I digress.

You still get to choose from four different sizes, just like the others on the list. But this one’s the first on the list that isn’t made with a variation of fleece. 

So what is this made of? Well, I think they used a proper mixture of two types of polyester. So this won’t be as durable as the fleece or Berber fleece jackets that we looked at before.

With that said, this also allows better mobility since you don’t have to carry around the weight of the jacket. Yes, you might prefer the fleece when you’re out hunting. But we know how some people prefer the lighter options. 

So this could be what they want. Nevertheless. If you don’t like the design, you can skip to the next one. 

Things That Can Improve:

  • Not too durable with the polyester build. If this bothers you, you can pick the first product on the list. 

4. SITKA Gear Incinerator Jacket: More About the Jacket

Don’t worry. The name probably wasn’t meant to be taken literally. But the SITKA gear Incinerator jacket is a decent jacket for hunting. The only reason as to why this one came fourth is because of the steep price.

And we think that you’ll agree with us on what we think about the price. 

This one doesn’t even have enough. Color options, either. So we had to criticize where criticism was due. Although they offer the same four size options, where are the colors?

Enough of that, we believe that there are a lot of expectations on a product if the price is comparatively higher. 

We also have to give credit here, too. Even though this is made of polyester like the previous one, it’s thicker. So the downside that comes with polyester jackets is mitigated in this one. So props to them.

But you do pay at least four times as much compared to the last polyester one. And if that’s the price they ask for, there’s nothing we can do as consumers. 

Things That Can Improve:

  • This might seem way too expensive. You could get 90% of this performance with a cheaper option

5. SITKA Men’s Hudson Waterproof Insulated Hunting Jacket: More About the Jacket

Coming in at fifth place, we have a unique piece from SITKA. The men’s Hudson Hunting Jacket from SITKA has a different build compared to the others on the list.

Unlike the others, which used polyester and fleece, this one uses a combination of materials. They used merino wool and nylon on this one.

And you have to touch it to compare it to the others. This one actually feels different.

Just like the second jacket on the list, you get two different color options. So you can either pick the Timber or the Marsh color choices. 

Since this is the second jacket on the list with a hood, we had to jump to a comparison. And we agree that the hood of this one is a bit better built than the last one.

But you do pay a lot more money for this particular jacket, though. so there’s that. 

Things That Can Improve:

  • This might seem a bit too expensive. If you’re not quite feeling it with this one, you can opt for the second product on the list.

6. SITKA Men’s Celsius Midi Hunting Jacket: More About the Jacket

And in at last place, we have the Celsius Midi Hunting jacket from SITKA. We think some of you might have wanted to see this further up on the list. We’ll talk about why it finished last. 

They only included one particular color option on this one. So you get the Elevated ii colorway just like the first jacket on the list. But the neat thing is that you don’t have to pay as much as the first one.

That’s because this is the second most affordable option on the list. And if you don’t have half a thousand bucks to spend on a jacket, this could be a good option.

But they did have to cut corners to keep the price low. This one does not have the headpiece/hood like the previous SITKA jacket. So you might have to opt for a different hat or a cap altogether. 

This also has a similar “harness-pass-through” to the previous one on the list. So that’s a positive sign. It’s good to see that they did not cut all the corners, right?

Things That Can Improve:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is polyester better than fleece?

It depends on preference. While fleece jackets have comparatively higher durability, polyester jackets give you better mobility. So there are trade-offs no matter which one you go for.

Which one of these is the warmest jacket?

Warmth isn’t the first priority when it comes to hunting jackets. But we would agree that the incinerator jacket from SITKA is the warmest of the lot. Up next would be the SITKA Stratus. 

Are all SITKA jackets waterproof?

No, not all of them are waterproof. While some of them may be slightly water-resistant, there are only a handful of jackets that actually keep you dry. 


And there we have it. We tried to stay neutral and as unbiased as possible throughout the reviews. I think our ranking would vary if you think in your own way, though.

But following this guide would still give you enough details to pick the best SITKA jacket for you.

Come back and check out our comparative analyses again if you’re confused. Do let us know how your purchase went. Good luck!