28 Nosler Vs 300 Win Mag: The Showdown

Not sure which cartridge to choose for your big game? On one hand, you have 300 Win Mag. On the other hand, you have 28 Nosler!

So, which one to choose: 28 Nosler vs 300 Win Mag?

In terms of velocity, damage, energy, and supersonic range, 28 Nosler is superior to 300 Win Mag. But both of them have an almost close drop rate. However, 300 Win Mag has less recoil and better barrel life. 300 Win Mag also supports more variety of bullets than 28 Nosler.

Can’t set your mind for one yet? To ease your pain, we’ve discussed here everything regarding 28 Nosler and 300 Win Mag. 

So what are you even waiting for? Let’s go ahead!

28 Nosler vs 300 Win Mag: Quick Difference

Now, there are tons of differences between these cartridges. But before we jump right into the details, here’s an overview.

This will help you take a look at the main features briefly.

Feature28 Nosler300 Win Mag
Muzzle Velocity3125 fps3084 fps
Supersonic Range1750 yards1650 yards
Drop RateLessMore
Terminal EnergyMoreLess
Recoil30 ft-lbs25 ft-lbs
Barrel Life700-900 rounds1000-1500 rounds

Are you looking for some more feature comparisons? No worries! We’ve already heard you and made a graph out of it for your convenience. Take a look!

If you’re an expert in this field, you’ve probably got your winner already. But let us warn you, this was just the tip of the iceberg. Many more details are yet to come!

However, if you’re one of those people who like to start with the end result then you can directly move to our What We Think section.

28 Nosler Vs 300 Win Mag: Head To Head Comparison

Source: https://www.wired.com/

You’ve seen only the main features in the previous segment. Now let’s explore the world of these two popular cartridges!


Well, we’re starting with an appreciation of the Nosler ballastic tip. Because the most crucial factor regarding cartridges is the ballistics. How far the bullet will go, the velocity after certain intervals- everything falls into ballistics.

In short, it is the science of firearms.

So we know now, the first thing we gotta know about cartridges is ballistic profiling. Ballistics includes all the circumstances regarding the cartridge. For instance, pressure, bullet weight, initial velocity, altitude, shooting angle, etc.

As we know, the atmosphere is forever changing. So it’s literally impossible to explain the cartridge ballistics for each point of the atmosphere.

So, we will compare the ballistics against the features of the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA). The features are-

  • Temperature: 59 F
  • Altitude: 0 ft
  • Inclination: 0 degrees
  • Wind Speed: 10 mph
  • Wind Direction: 90 degree

On top of that, each cartridge can fit different weights of bullets. So while comparing these two killers, we’ll be considering the best performing amount of bullet grain into account. Which is 175 grain for 28 Nosler and 180 grain for 300 Win Mag.

So, here’s the 28 Nosler vs 300 Win Mag ballistics chart

Range (yards)CartridgeVelocity (fps)Energy (ft-lbs)Elevation (inches)Windage (inches)Time of flight (sec)
028 Nosler312537950.000.000.00
300 Win Mag308438020.000.000.00
10028 Nosler297034282.880.480.10
300 Win Mag292234143.020.520.10
20028 Nosler282130933.321.870.20
300 Win Mag276730613.472.010.20
30028 Nosler26772785-0.604.240.31
300 Win Mag26182739-0.634.560.32
40028 Nosler25382503- 9.397.650.43
300 Win Mag24732444-9.808.240.43
50028 Nosler24032243-23.5712.190.55
300 Win Mag23332175-24.6613.160.56
60028 Nosler22722006-43.7717.940.67
300 Win Mag21971930-45.9119.420.69
70028 Nosler21451788-70.7125.010.81
300 Win Mag20661707-74.3727.130.83
80028 Nosler20221590-105.2133.520.95
300 Win Mag19401505-110.9736.440.98
90028 Nosler19041409-148.2043.591.11
300 Win Mag18191323-156.8147.491.14
100028 Nosler17911246-200.7855.351.27
300 Win Mag17031160-213.1660.431.31

We can see the 28 Nosler vs 300 Win Mag ballistic report in the chart above. You can check the velocity, drop rate, energy, and windage here. These will help you choose the one you’re looking for. Now let’s dive into even more details for the ultimate comparison!

Ballistics 1: Velocity

As we’ve said before, here we’re comparing 175gr 28 Nosler and 180gr 300 Win Mag. When it comes to velocity, 175gr 28 Nosler has a comparatively higher muzzle velocity than that of 180gr 300 Win Mag.

Muzzle velocity refers to the initial velocity a bullet acquires right after being fired.

Here’s a chart that shows the difference in velocity between these two cartridges. This chart also shows the speed drop rate with the increment of distance covered.

Because of a greater muzzle velocity and Ballistic Coefficient, Nosler 28 wins the velocity race.

Ballistic Coefficient (BC) indicates the bullet’s ability to overcome air resistance in a flight. 28 Nosler has a ballistic coefficient of 0.648 where 300 Win Mag’s is 0.615.

With great ballistic coefficient, comes great fighting ability. This means, 28 Nosler is more capable of defying the air than 300 Win Mag in equal circumstances.

Because of the fortune of greater velocity, 28 Nosler can remain supersonic up to 1750 yards. On the other hand, 300 Win Mag can stay supersonic out past 1650 yards.

Winner: 28 Nosler

Ballistics 2: Trajectory

Trajectory means the flight path of the bullets. This includes all the factors like gravity, the weight of the bullet, atmospheric pressure, etc.

As we’ve seen above, 28 Nosler can resist the air greater than 300 Win Mag. As a result, 28 Nosler’s drop rate is less than 300 Win Mag.

Here’s the 28 Nosler vs 300 Win Mag trajectory chart for a better understanding-

Both 28 Nosler and 300 Win Mag bullet drops are almost the same in the initial phase. But as they cover more distance, the difference between the drops becomes more visible.

This means, 28 Nosler is more likely to hit the target than 300 Win Mag. Because of less ballistic coefficient and weight, 300 Win Mag detours a bit more than 28 Nosler.

Winner: 28 Nosler

Ballistics 3: Energy

In layman’s terms, energy indicates the damage a bullet can cause. The more energy the bullet hits the target with, the more damage it can cause.

Now, you must be wondering- what is the muzzle energy of a 300 win mag?

300 Win Mag has a muzzle energy of 3802 ft-lbs. On the other hand, 28 Nosler’s muzzle energy is 3795 ft-lbs. It is because the bullet weight of 300 Win Mag is slightly more than 28 Nosler.

The chart below shows 28 Nosler vs 300 Win Mag energy comparisons-

It’s weird that with more distance covered, 28 Nosler acquires more energy than 300 Win Mag. Even though 300 Win Mag has greater muzzle energy.

Well, it is not weird at all. In fact, the energy we’re talking about here is kinetic energy. We can calculate the kinetic energy of any object with the formula, K= ½ mv^2.

After the bullets are shot, both the bullets gradually start losing velocity. But 300 Win Mag’s drop rate is more than that of 28 Nosler. As a result, 300 Win Mag starts losing more energy compared to the 28 Nosler.

Winner: 28 Nosler

Ballistics 4: Windage

In simple terms, windage means adjusting the firearm for the wind. We’ve previously said that we’re comparing the bullets in 10mph wind speed. This is where it helps us to prove a point. So let’s see what windage has to say!

When the wind speed is 10mph, you’ll never hit the point of target. Because the wind will change the trajectory in an angular perspective.

Let’s say, you want to hit the target from a distance of 300 yards with 28 Nosler. But the wind is blowing at 10mph speed from the left to right. If you just point and shoot, the bullet will hit 4.24 inches to the right of the target.

In this case, you have to shoot at 4.24 inches left of the target. This will adjust for the wind speed.

The chart below shows 28 Nosler vs 300 Win Mag windage at 10mph wind at a 9 o’clock angle.

This chart is just to show the difference between the windage. Keep that in mind, the windage will vary based on the wind speed, angle, altitude, and inclination.

Winner: Tie


Source: https://www.100daysinappalachia.com/

Recoil or kickback is the thrust the shooter feels when the bullet is shot. More recoil means the rifle will hit you back with more thrust.

300 Win Mag recoil rate is almost 25.9 ft-lbs. 1 ft-lb means, if the rifle is weighted 1lb, it will move 1 ft backward upon the thrust of the bullet.

On the other hand, the 28 Nosler recoil rate is almost 30 ft-lbs, which is 16% greater than that of 300 Win Mag.

So, 300 Win Mag wins the race between 28 Nosler vs 300 Win Mag recoil clearly. However, when we compared the 28 Nosler to the 30 Nosler, we saw that the 28 Nosler gave a bit easier recoil. Still, if recoil is your concern, then you should go for the 300 win mag instead of the 28 Nosler or 30 Nosler.

But 28 Nosler is comparatively better in every other aspect than 300 Win Mag. It’s only normal that people wouldn’t abandon 28 Nosler just because of the recoil.

To reduce the recoil, shooters often use a muzzle brake, also known as a recoil compensator. A muzzle brake absorbs the recoil which doesn’t charge any big toll on the shooter. Especially for beginners, muzzle brakes are a must!

You may wonder whether to choose 300 Win Mag or 28 Nosler with a muzzle brake. In this case, 28 Nosler would be the better choice.

Winner: 28 Nosler

Barrel life

When it comes to the barrel life, 300 Win Mag has the upper hand.

28 Nosler barrel life is around 700-900 rounds for 175-grain bullets. On the contrary, 150-180 grain bullets in 300 Win Mag can hold up to 1000 rounds. Say the bullets are more than 180 grains in 300 Win Mag. Then, the barrel life will be around 1500 rounds!

But based on the usage, grains, the barrel life could vary. Heavier bullets can hold the life longer. Also, letting the barrel return to ambient temperature, after each shot can extend the barrel life. Another thing you can do to increase the barrel life is to brown your barrel.

Winner: 300 Win Mag

Effective Range

Now comes a big question, what is the maximum range for the 28 Nosler and 300 Win Mag?

We’ve seen before that 28 Nosler can go at supersonic speed up to 1750 yards in 2.8 seconds. On the other hand, 300 Win Mag runs at supersonic for 2.7 seconds.

The effective range or maximum range of a bullet depends on the shooter. Some say that the effective range is as long as you can see with your scope.

The rule of thumb is, the bullet will hit the target with terminal energy as long it’s running at supersonic speed.

But if you look at the trajectory, you can see that the bullet starts to noticeably drop at around 300-500 yards. This means, 300-500 yards is the safest hitting distance for both 28 Nosler and 300 Win Mag.

There’s another concern regarding the terminal energy and that is “twist rate”.

Twist rate means the spin rate of the bullet in the barrel of the rifle. The twist rate of 300 Win Mag is 1:10 and most of 28 Nosler twist rate is 1:8.

This means the 300 Win Mag barrels will spin the bullet one revolution per 10 inches. Which is 201,600 RPM. but 28 Nosler bullets acquire a 252,000 RPM twist rate.

Less twist rate means the bullet will travel further and hit the target with more terminal impact. So, it’s safe to say that 28 Nosler has the upper hand in twist rate.

Winner: 28 Nosler

Cartridge Size Specification

Now let’s take a look at the dimensions of 28 Nosler and 300 Win Mag.

Specification28 Nosler300 Win Mag
Parent Case.300 Remington Ultra Magnum.375 H&H Magnum
Bullet Diameter7.21 mm7.8 mm
Neck Diameter8.1 mm8.6 mm
Shoulder Diameter13.4 mm12.4 mm
Base Diameter14.0 mm13 mm
Rim Diameter13.6 mm13.5 mm
Rim Thickness1.3 mm1.3 mm
Case Length65.8 mm67 mm
Overall Length84.8 mm85 mm
Primer TypeLarge Rifle MagnumLarge Rifle Magnum

You can store both of these ammo in cartridge pouches for keeping them. You can check out these top-notch pouches for keeping your ammo.

However, you can also vacuum seal your ammo to increase longevity.

Winner: Tie

Load Data

In Layman’s terms, load data means how much grain of powder charge your cartridge will need in order to acquire the maximum performance. however, the performance also depends on whether you’re going with glass bedding or free-floating.

Now let’s take a look at the 28 Nosler and 300 Win Mag load data.

For the maximum output with 28 Nosler, you’ll need 79 gr powder charge of H1000 powder. This will allow you 92% load capacity.

On the other hand, for 300 Win Mag, you’ll need 81 gr powder charge of H1000 powder. It will get you 103% load capacity!

You might be wondering, how can load capacity exceed 100%.  This is not unusual though. We can calculate the load capacity of any cartridges with the formula-

Load capacity = Charge/(case capacity x bulk density)

When the load capacity exceeds 100%, we call it compressed load. This means, 28 Nosler requires less powder charge than 300 Win Mag.

Now you may ask, why are we talking only about H1000 powder? Why not the others?

Well, you definitely can use other powders too. But it has been tested that H1000 helps you get the most out of your cartridges.

Here goes the comparison between 300 Win Mag and 28 Nosler load data. Now let’s move forward with our next feature.

Winner: 28 Nosler

Performance With Silencers/Suppressors

Source: https://hitman.fandom.com/

There is still debate whether suppressors reduce the damage or velocity of the bullet. But in most cases, it has been proven that suppressors don’t affect the velocity of the bullet. Not even with the suppressor cover on.

So whether you use 28 Nosler or 300 Win Mag, suppressors will not have any effect on the performance.

Winner: Tie


Here comes another deciding factor, the price of 28 Nosler and 300 Win Mag. Surprisingly, 28 Nosler is around double in price than 300 Win Mag.

Based on the grains and brands, 20 rounds of 300 Win Mag can cost you $35-60. On the other hand, 20 rounds of 28 Nosler will charge you $70-100.

Now let’s take the rifle price into account too! 300 Win Mag supported Winchester M70 rifles cost around $800-1600. But 28 Nosler-supported M48 rifles cost between $1700-2500.

So, if you’re planning to save more money in the long run, 300 Win Mag is your choice.

Winner: 300 Win Mag

28 Nosler Vs 300 Win Mag: What We Think

You’ve seen everything that sets 28 Nosler and 300 Win Mag apart. By now, you’ve probably already got your winner.

But if you are looking for our opinion, we’d suggest going for 28 Nosler. Among all these factors 300 Win Mag beats 28 Nosler in barrel life, recoil and price.

If any of these three features are what you’re looking for, 300 Win Mag is your fit. But in every other aspect, 28 Nosler is the easy winner.

No matter which cartridge you go for, it’s always best if you are equipped with the right tools. From a comfortable and easy-to-use magazine loader to many more.

You can check these essential accessories recommended by us to always be prepared for shooting –


Is a 28 Nosler good for elk?

28 Nosler is one of the best cartridges for hunting elks both in short and long range. Because of the flat trajectory, it will hit the target with great precision.

Is 300 Win Mag good for deer

If you’re looking for cartridges for hunting deers, 300 Win Mag is your partner. You can hunt any game within 200-350 yards distance without flinching an eye.

What caliber do snipers use?

Most military sniper rifles use 0.30 inches (7.62 mm) caliber cartridges. But the required caliber varies from rifle to rifle.

Concluding Words

As we’re here, we hope we’ve been able to help with your 28 Nosler vs 300 Win Mag query. Your confusion regarding these cartridges should be cleared by now.

But if you have any other queries or comments, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

Until then, happy shooting!